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Claudine had followed Flamsteed, and Ash had followed Claudine. Huh. They were headed to the library.

Ash didn’t really love the library, despite being a Ravenclaw. It was so inefficient. Who had time to search through a library during an emergency? Wizards needed to make their own internet. Not just use muggle tech occasionally.

She wandered over to Professor Kazmi, her favorite professor. Was he... hmmm. Leg injury? Ash could guess how that happened. She raised an eyebrow at him, but said nothing. Or nothing to him, at least. She did mumble something to herself at some point.

She picked up some library books from the regular library, then wandered back over to Claudine, hoping to be let into the restricted section(she hadn’t done stupid stuff in like, a really long time! And never in the presence of books). The first things that she’d be looking for would be magical history and dangerous herbology. Assuming she was let in. Assuming that.
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