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So then Jude would be right. If Evan did not at least consider his dorm mates his friends even after four years for the most part, then already Evan’s acquaintances list was healthy. Whatever Jude had been expecting to hear, it clearly was not the next words. He was left momentarily stunned. After recovering himself, he broke into yet another smile. Golly, he did that a lot around Evan. “You’re my friend too.” Because it was true. Right now, he was the happiest guy around. But hey, look at that. This duo had something else in common. “Some day, if you’re comfortable with showing me, I’d like to see the fan dance.” Jude had never heard of it much less saw it. “A little. I might enroll for dance classes this summer. Always admired ballroom dancing.” Especially the Paso Doble and the Argentine Tango!

Now the use of magic to pitch his voice would stick in his mind, should he ever want to take up acting. Magic certainly was advantageous. Jude nodded. “Yes. Imagine being stuck doing something you hated. It’ll just make you miserable everyday.” And though Jude didn’t say anything out loud, he hoped that Evan would figure out for certain his own calling that would make him happy, be it psychology or whatever else. Jude chuckled now. “Fitting. Maybe that’s why the Sorting Hat placed you in Ravenclaw, because you’re studious. There’s nothing wrong with being that way.” Jude honestly liked that trait about Evan.

You bet. This Hufflepuff certainly was enjoying the song! Already he was memorising the other lyrics that had been unfamiliar to him. He grinned. “It’s great! But there’s a sad story behind it, isn’t there? I can feel it.” Not just in the lyrics but also in the melody. “Would you mind if we listened to it again?”
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