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Vera Brinley Thanatos #fea116
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Rosemary Giana Scardino
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Guowei "Gray" Russell-Liu
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All of his free time went to a personal project, and researching the vines. He'd paused on the vine portion for awhile, but following the aggression displayed in Herbology it was back in full force. Evan was currently on a break from the vines, compiling four years worth of his Charms notes into a neat notebook for easier studying. Something he also played on copying and distributing, for all subjects really, for everyone to get a kickstart on their OWL preparation.

Was he a little extra? Absolutely. At least in this area.

Setting down his quill for a moment, Evan stretched his arms high above his head and glanced off to the side to see Professor Kazmi. Limping? The Ravenclaw frowned, before pushing away and heading off after his Professor to approach. "Hello, sir. Are you alright?" Because if not, he'd certainly be willing to run fetch him whatever book or whatnot he was here for.

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