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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Hmm? Who was Willowby? There was no one or no owl here in the shop by that name. Colwyn's eyes displayed a brief look of confusion but it quickly faded away into a warm smile as it became clear whom Willowby was. "I see! Well if you have already given him a name then you must indeed go with him, isn't that right? You're heart knows best." If she knew which owl she wanted then there was no sense in continuing to look at others. "Shall we go back and tell him the good news?"
Pippa beamed back. "Yes, let's!" She couldn't wait to take Willowby home and introduce him to her other pets. But first--"It was very nice to meet you both," she said to the two snowy owls, giving the female a last pat on the head and smiling at the male, who she sensed probably wasn't ready to be touched. Oh, they were both lovely, too! But...she couldn't take home every owl she met, and her shop (and flat) was already full of creatures as it was. Besides, these owls deserved a home where they would be the center of attention. She wondered if there was a place for them where they could stay together? She hoped so.

"All right," she said, turning back to Colwyn, "let's go get that owl!"
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