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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
By the time that Darej entered her office her pet fwooper had retaken her position on the shelf. Eyes gazing observingly down at anyone that entered her owner's domain. Aurora smiled brightly "Hello Darej," as he took a seat in front of her desk. Putting a little more warmth into her smile she reassured him. "Yes I did wish to see you. It's nothing bad at all I assure you. I'm quite satisfied with your work and value your opinion." Darej was one of her best employees. "I wish to speak to you about the vacant enforcement division head role now that Morgenstern has left us."

Aurora paused here briefly to chose her words. "Darej you have the experience, skill and knowledge of how to lead your colleagues without being asked which is a few of the key things i look for in a head. The other employees look to you for advice and instructions in the field which is a sign of good silent leadership. If you are willing I'd like to offer you the new role of enforcement division head. What do you say Darej, are you interested?"

Darej sat a bit straighter while Aurora reassured him on the purpose of this meeting. Unconsciously, he found himself nodding at an even pace at her words. He did have the experience, skill, and knowledge as each mission he partook in he attempted to do more than just being among the crowd. A smirk was threatening to show the more he was praised. But he kept his neutral face until she mentioned, Morgenstern. He was a good man, who Darej noticed his absence after he left. With him absent that meant...

I'd like to offer you the new role of enforcement division head.. Darej considered the opportunity. "Wow, what an honor to be offered this position, Aurora" He started with a smile slowly appearing on his face at last. The responsibilities, he would have more to work on. But the chance was here at last from his years placed in. "I am interested and would happily accept this position, thank you."

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