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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
After shutting the door of the owlery closed, Daniel began to look around in search for an owl that looked healthy enough to fly back to Windsor and did not pay any attention to who else was inside of the room. He only wanted to send a letter and get ready for dinner.

But upon hearing his name, Daniel turned his head to see who else was inside of the owlery, when he noticed that it was Victoria. She looked like she was angry about something and he wondered if HE had anything to do about it. "Hey..." he responded back and then stepped in her direction before he stopped to look at one of the barn owls. This one looked good enough. "Who are you sending a letter to?" he asked as he motioned the owl to come closer so that he could tie his letter to its claw.
The owl she had sent off already was out of sight of the castle. V peered out at the landscape just to make sure before looking back at Daniel. "My parents. I'm mad at them currently," she huffed a little before grabbing some treats from the nearby feeder and offering her palm in the air. An owl gingerly landed on her hand, grabbed a treat, and flew back to its perch.

"What about you?" she asked as she tilted her head sideways to try to read some of his letter. Privacy? Who was she?

And this conversation so far wasn't horrible. Maybe Daniel Yoon had matured and was no longer rude or unfunny. Hmm.

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