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Evan was still quite skeptical. And he chose to ruminate a little more on this, particularly after Jude mentioned maybe he thought of people as acquaintances. Did he? Was he so gun shy about friendships now that he wasn't really letting himself form any? He liked his dorm mates a lot, but he still wasn't even sure he considered them friends. And when he did consider what friends he currently had... the first names that came to mind, outside of his sister's, were Margaret, Blake, Ashley and Jude. But then the more he thought about that as well... the more he thought about how there were others outside of those four though that he'd probably classify that as well. Or at least... some types of categories of importance, like Claudine as well who he looked up to as a mentor - even if he'd never said as much. It was something he'd think more on later, choosing for now to settle on "I consider you my friend." for a response. Moving on to dance, he nodded his head at the question. "I do. Not too much since there just isn't enough hours in the day, but sometimes. I do a lot of traditional Korean styles, like the fan dance. But some of the other dancers have been showing me more modern styles." It was good to know and made it easier to dance with Chase when he hung out with him for practice, but he still preferred traditions. "Do you dance?"

The Ravenclaw did have to give it to magic for all of the practical uses it could hold. Like being able to fix broken items, or making something fit size requirements, or even being able to boost natural talent by strengthening the weak points. "I'm sure it could work. The beauty of magical performance." He smiled in response to Jude's, nodding at the thanks. "They're good route options. I'm sure whatever you choose will also be a good fit for you though, as long as your happy." Wasn't that really what the most important part was supposed to be?

Evan loved to help with homework, truthfully. "I don't mind at all. I like studying and homework. Which I admit is weird but." He shrugged - to each their own. It was another reason he had continued to do tutoring during the summers with Maya as well, though he did not choose to continue it through the school year as she did.

Evan was quite glad to see how much Jude was enjoying the song. He truly looked happy listening to it, which was nice. The Ravenclaw was glad to have been able to introduce it to him, at least in the original version since he did know most of the lyrics and everything from his mother. Which was also obvious by the fact he was singing along, which Ev noticed he had a pleasant voice as well. "How does the original hold up?" He imagined his mom singing it meant more, and was quite possibly the favorite version.

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