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Evan briefly wondered exactly what Daniel would want to use magic already for. He seemed the type that it could have been strictly for learning purpose and the ability to practice even over summer - which the Ravenclaw could certainly understand. But he also wondered if he had any trouble maker streak as well. Magic could certainly work well on playing practical jokes on other, though even without wand magic there was plenty of things for purchase in Diagon Alley that could be used whilst underage for this reason. Either way, he doubted a 12 or 13 year old could do much damage. "I'm always torn on the underage magic things. It doesn't seem very beneficial to learning to not allow us to do magic for 2+ months. But on the other... I suppose kids aren't very secretive about using it." So... statute breaking all around.

He was also taken with the idea of tattoos now, and a few different images floating in his mind of things he might potentially want later. But hearing Daniel's question, he let those all fade. "Aesthetically means finding pleasure through beauty." So really, he just wanted something that looked nice in order to make him happy. Perhaps later he would come up with something with more meaning but for now... "Convincing people they'd be seeing things could be detrimental to their mental health though. Especially if it's someone I would see often who wouldn't know about the whole magic thing. Most of my family are muggles, and they don't know about magic." He supposed he could just get it somewhere where it could be better hidden but.. he wanted to be able to see it and show it off too.

Well... he certainly couldn't find fault with that. It was hard to try to do something you might not be good at it front of others, opening up yourself to potential ridicule. "That's understandable. Do classes stress you out?" They could for him, at times.

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