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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Aurora sat at her desk going through her correspondence with a few sanctuaries while absent-mindedly stroking her fwooper that was sitting on her shoulder. Hearing the knock she called out "Come in!" Putting the letters away, she quickly scribbled a memo for Carson to check up on some items including bying a gift for her daughter. Lily was turning 14 years old soon and Aurora wanted to surprise her with some make up. It would though probably embarrass Carson a little to go to Madam Primps to pick it up. Aurora knew he'd come through for her though, he was the best assistant.

Sitting straighter in her pink plush chair Aurora waited for Darej to enter. She hoped he wouldn't say no to her idea.

Darej waited until he was told to come in before opening the door. "Hello," His eyes then met the Fwooper's on the shelf he was all too familiar with gazing at him before turning back to Aurora who sat patiently.

Darej smiled politely as he sat down. Meeting the boss in their office made anyone a little nervous, but he was sure it wasn't going to be an unpleasant visit. "You asked to see me? Nothing bad happened, right?" He just had to be sure. Nonetheless, it definitely had to be important.

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