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SPOILER!!: Responses
Text Cut: Nichols
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post

Valentina frowned as she slowly approached the orange light - suddenly wondering if there were wild animals roaming around before realizing that none of this was actually happening. UGH. Why did she keep forgetting that? Maybe because everything looked so REAL, it did get confusing.

... She got close enough to see a family sitting by a campfire, shivering. The baby too!! She pulled out the pieces of fabric from her pocket and set them on the ground, casting a Vestis Vellus on each one with the curly q wand movement. There were five blankets now.. and they seemed fine so she handed one to each of them. The fire seemed warm enough though... hm.

Five blankets for five grateful family members. The mother wraps the smallest blanket around the baby before taking another, larger one for herself. FInally snug and warm, the baby stops crying. Meanwhile, the father assists the other two children with their blankets. He looks back at the family’s mystery savior with a nod of thanks, and the mother smile gratefully. All is well.

Text Cut: Potter
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

The crunch of the snow below being the audible thing Darius could hear as his class's voices slowly disappeared. A cave... Darius thought, thinking a little break could be in order from this cold as he hugged his blanket a little tighter. It was warm enough, but he wanted to just sit again. He stopped just short of the cave when he saw a group of stranded hikers huddled together.

Sheesh, this is beyond sad.. Darius thought. Pitying them for not even having a fire to warm up. Wanting to keep out of sight since they had to be muggles, he aimed his wand under his blanket in the direction of the hikers in the middle while they were turned away from him to notice. Focalia.. Concentrating with all his might to say inside his head with the proper wand movement. Wordlessly, the firewood appeared. He blinked in surprise at how easily that came about this time. Immediately following up with an Incendio.. Boom. There's the fire. That ought to comfort them as he awaited their reaction.

The hikers watch in awe as wood and then fire appear. It’s impossible to say which is louder: the roar of the fire or the roar of applause from the hikers. As the no longer freezing hikers gather around the fire, one of them pulls out a guitar and begins to play a campfire song. Best get going, unless you fancy a solo!

Text Cut: Fox & Blaze
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

“Yes, but...” But what? Ash didn’t really know why she was so reluctant to cast the flames. Was it guilt? Was it bad memories? Was it fear? Who even knew??? Not her, that was for sure. “I don’t wanna. I only wanna make the firewood.”

She started walking, right next to her pretend sister.

Oh, they found the stranded people!

... okay, that was NOT how you started a fire. Rubbing sticks together? Really? How well did candy wrappers burn?

“Focalia.” She waited for Claudine to cast the-

You know what? Screw it. “Incendio.”

And a nice warm fire appeared, maybe a little bigger than necessary. She did not start a giant fire and kill the hikers. It was... just a normal campfire.

Ash was relieved. She looked at Claudine out the corner of her eye, judging her reaction.
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Ash’s group that she had spotted was actually in a cave. Claudine soon forgot, as she trekked over to it, that they were indeed in a classroom as opposed to the real outdoors. Quite the wonders magic worked, didn’t it? Anyway. There was no need for the duo to venture far into the cave. The three campers were literally right there.

“Let’s see. They’ve got blankets and sleeping bags,’’ the Snakette mused as she surveyed the scene. “Clearly they need a fire.” Whittling those sticks together clearly had done nothing. And complaining? Well, that wouldn’t help either. “I’ll encourage you again, Ash, to give the fire a shot. But I won’t force you, just let me know if you’re up for the challenge."

Claudine ended up feeling very pleased to see Ashley deciding to get all the things done. She looked on, impressed at the other girl’s skills. Soon enough, there was a perfect fire to warm the place. “Look at you. And you thought you’d have blown the place up.” Grinning, she patted Ash on the shoulder. “Let’s go find the next group of unhappy campers.”

No, definitely not the way to start a fire! Luckily, the hapless hikers have the two girls to help them! The hikers are so busy complaining that it takes them a moment to notice the fire. As they do, their complaints turn to cheers. They huddle close around the fire, and their leader starts to tell a ghost story. It looks like your work here is done!

Text Cut: Blackthorne (& Mordaunt)
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Having roused Noah from his cozy spot by his fire, Violet had started down a likely path, moving at a moderate rate, her eyes moving from side to side looking for their first test. Suddenly she heard screams in the distance and started to move faster, calling over her shoulder to Noah. "Noah, look! Those people fell into the stream and need help! Hurry!"

Arriving on the scene, Violet was taken aback by the people's suffering. If the teacher hadn't assured them all that these were illusions, she would have sworn they were real. As it was, they still seemed too real for comfort. "It's going to be all right, help is coming," Violet reassured them, casting a drying charm on them both as a first measure and hoping Noah would catch up to help her. If he didn't arrive soon, she figured that, much as she liked fire-making, conjuring some blankets would be the next step.

The man blinks, seemingly reassured by the girl’s words, while the woman can only shiver. The pair huddle close, staring at their mystery savior in bewilderment as the drying charm takes effect. It’s a start, but they aren’t out of the woods yet. No longer wet but still shivering, the woman looks at the girl with pleading eyes. Please help!

Text Cut: Nam
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Evan was so relieved to see the thankful smiles and that the blankets at least helped in the immediate. And with that task completed, he was ready to move on to the next and get them a fire going. Again, crisis helped him better focus, as he made the x with his wand and stated a firm "Focalia!" Twigs were what were produced again, but that was fine with him as that was what he'd meant to conjure in order to use as kindling. Another x and another "Focalia! Focalia!" And now there sat two different logs, which he quickly stacked on the kindling.

With all of that put together, Evan once again pointed his wand at the stack. "Incendio!" Hopefully this was now enough for the family.

Bundled up in their blankets, the couple looks on as wood and then fire appears. They move closer to the fire, huddling close together. While the woman rubs her hands together over the fire for warmth, the man looks back at their mystery helper with an appreciative nod. The imminent danger has passed.

Norman glanced at his watch and seeing that the lesson had come to an end, he unwrapped the scarf from his face so he could be heard throughout the classroom. “Alright, TIME IS UP!” With a wave of his wand, all of the illusions vanished, including the cold, snowy mountain. As the classroom’s appearance returned to normal, so did its temperature. “Great work, everyone!” He addressed the class once more, lowering his hood to look out at his students. “Your homework: write a 500 word essay on ways that transfiguration can be used in a survival situation, due Monday. Class dismissed!”

OOC: Thanks for coming! I’ll leave the thread open for a few hours more, in case anyone wants to rp their character reacting to the final set of prompts and/or leaving.
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