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Jude couldn’t help it: he chuckled as he watched the confusion cross Evan’s handsome face. “Nope,” he remarked easily. “I’m sure I can tell you apart from Lisa.” He grinned, in a way assuring Evan that his vision was great, even though he knew the Ravenclaw was teasing. “You’re very social but probably you don’t think of everyone as your friend. Maybe they're acquaintances.” And that was a good thing too because a small social circle could work to one’s benefit. The Hufflepuff was sort of sorry that Noah hadn’t followed out on his dance career but still, it had all worked out for oldest Nam. “Do you still dance?” he continued, very much interested in this fact. He hadn’t know that Evan was into dance too!

The third year considered the next words. “That’s true. Actually, I hadn’t thought of using magic to pitch my voice.” See, Evan always offered practical words that were bound to help in some way. Jude would always appreciate that. His smile would have lit up a dark room at that compliment. “Thank you. That’s really encouraging. So far, those are the routes I’m leaning toward.” Reagan had even told him that she would wait a year until he graduated so that they could start WADA together. Maybe he really should take her up on the offer.

If only Evan knew how much Jude was thrilled to hear that. “Okay, great. I could use your Ravenclaw brain with homework at times. If you don’t mind, of course.” So… it would be like homework dates probably? Jude could live with that. It meant more time with Evan.

The tune of the music certainly had that retro feel which would make sense giving that the song was practically ancient. But Jude liked it a lot. Some of the words were familiar since his mother would sing a few lines here and there to him. “Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let him under your skin, then you'll begin to make it better, better.” Yes, Jude sang along a bit, changing the pronoun as his mother had started to do since the summer of last it. And through the entire song, he’d had this soft smile on his face. He hadn’t noticed Evan watching him but Evan certainly would know that Jude was now in love with this masterpiece.
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