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Default Noah!

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
The path ahead is interrupted by an icy mountain stream cutting across it. The stream is completely frozen over except for a large break in the ice downstream. Screams ring out, and if you look in that direction, you'll see two people thrashing about in the water. They struggle but eventually manage to free themselves from the stream. Both wet and shivering, they stagger onto an embankment, and the man puts a protective arm around the woman, who is already beginning to show signs of hypothermia.[/SIZE]
Having roused Noah from his cozy spot by his fire, Violet had started down a likely path, moving at a moderate rate, her eyes moving from side to side looking for their first test. Suddenly she heard screams in the distance and started to move faster, calling over her shoulder to Noah. "Noah, look! Those people fell into the stream and need help! Hurry!"

Arriving on the scene, Violet was taken aback by the people's suffering. If the teacher hadn't assured them all that these were illusions, she would have sworn they were real. As it was, they still seemed too real for comfort. "It's going to be all right, help is coming," Violet reassured them, casting a drying charm on them both as a first measure and hoping Noah would catch up to help her. If he didn't arrive soon, she figured that, much as she liked fire-making, conjuring some blankets would be the next step.
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