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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post

Up ahead you'll notice a cave. A group of stranded hikers are huddled in a circle near the opening, wrapped in blankets and sleeping bags. A pile of discarded food wrappers sits in the middle of the circle. The group leader attempts to ignite the wrappers by rubbing a pair of sticks together; nothing happens. As the leader tries again, the hikers begin to complain loudly. Looks like they could use some help!

The crunch of the snow below being the audible thing Darius could hear as his class's voices slowly disappeared. A cave... Darius thought, thinking a little break could be in order from this cold as he hugged his blanket a little tighter. It was warm enough, but he wanted to just sit again. He stopped just short of the cave when he saw a group of stranded hikers huddled together.

Sheesh, this is beyond sad.. Darius thought. Pitying them for not even having a fire to warm up. Wanting to keep out of sight since they had to be muggles, he aimed his wand under his blanket in the direction of the hikers in the middle while they were turned away from him to notice. Focalia.. Concentrating with all his might to say inside his head with the proper wand movement. Wordlessly, the firewood appeared. He blinked in surprise at how easily that came about this time. Immediately following up with an Incendio.. Boom. There's the fire. That ought to comfort them as he awaited their reaction.


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