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Meda thought on the things that were being said. "It is rather strange, I know some students have tried to remove it in a few places and you are right, they come right back. If I didn't know any better I would say they were enhanced with a spell to grow back immediately, but at the same time I'm not fully sure they are, I think it is just the type of plant maybe?"

She had never even thought of it being back for animals, she knew many plants were bad for cats, but other animals she hadn't even taken a moment to consider with it as many places as it is. "Are there vines in the stables too?" That was a silly question, of course if they were in the castle they were in the stables. Those things seemed to be everywhere.

"I think finding June is a great idea, I was going to head to the library, I could check in there and then meet up with you later." With that a thought crossed her mind, "Maybe a Herbology book or two could help us." It was a thought, but Meda wasn't sure, June would probably know best.
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