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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Perhaps it was just that they were all more perceptive now that they'd gone through such intense emotions themselves that anyone had noticed perceptive Carton was feeling off. Evan didn't think the youngest years had connected anything - but then again, they also had yet to see the importance of all the empathy lessons from the term previous.

He supposed he expected Carton to brush off the question - not that the fact it wasn't was not welcomed, just a surprise. His answer was entirely relatable. Were any of them yet alright? And not just from the war and the prior things that had happened before the fighting. But everyone had personal things as well. He'd never really stopped to think about how true that was for the Professor's as well. But seemed like Professor Carton had something that bothered him as well. By the way the ring was twisting on the man's finger too... he could only imagine he'd experienced a loss. "That's understandable. Holidays can either be really fun and filled or ... lonely." He'd not experienced loss in the traditional sense... but being the kid he still was, he'd managed to isolate from his parents.

And then because the only way he knew how to offer comfort was through candy, the Ravenclaw pulled out a chocolate from his bag as well and set it on his Professor's desk. "I hope the holidays go quickly for you, sir."
Still absentmindedly twirling his ring, Norman ventured a glance at Nam. His aquamarine eyes studied the boy’s face for a moment, as if trying to read his mind. Had he known what he was thinking in that moment, he would’ve been impressed with the young Ravenclaw’s capacity for insight and empathy, but he was no legilimens. All he could do was guess. His eyes flicked toward the outward-facing photo, and a thought occurred to him.

“I expect you’re curious about that photo,” he said. Merlin’s beard, what was he doing? He must be out of his mind! Before he could talk himself out of it, he pressed on, “All you need to know is that she was my wife; she died a long time ago…” He had no idea why he’d said that! He hardly ever talked about his past when prompted, let alone volunteering that information. After all this time, it seemed the battle-hardened ex- MACUSA auror was going soft.

His slightly wistful expression turned to a smile at the sight of the chocolate, and he suddenly had to stifle a chuckle. “Sorry,” he said, lest the boy should think he was laughing at him. “It’s just that reminded me of something.” Or someone, in this case. That candy gift seemed exactly like something his daughter would do! She was always giving him candy to cheer him up. Until now, he thought that was just a Normandie thing, but maybe it was a teenager thing? “Thank you, Mr. Nam,” he said, still smiling, “for the chocolate and the well wishes.”
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