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SPOILER!!: Mordaunt (& Blackthorne)
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Noah had been hoping the illusioned people would come and seek him instead of the other way around, since he'd already made himself oh so comfy from his little warm bubble. He was too keen on the idea that he thought Violet was the illusion, but yes, he knew her by now to think she's a stranger. Looking up from his spot, Noah shrugged nonchalantly, "I don't mind," might as well get on with the activity than freeze to death waiting for the mission to come to him. Standing up with his wool blanket still around him, Noah stood beside Violet and looked at the other side of the room opposite where the others headed out. "Shall we?" Noah, keen as ever to move and finish the mission, began to walk towards uncharted territory...minding the stupid vines.

The path ahead is interrupted by an icy mountain stream cutting across it. The stream is completely frozen over except for a large break in the ice downstream. Screams ring out, and if you look in that direction, you'll see two people thrashing about in the water. They struggle but eventually manage to free themselves from the stream. Both wet and shivering, they stagger onto an embankment, and the man puts a protective arm around the woman, who is already beginning to show signs of hypothermia.

SPOILER!!: Couture
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Misa was mildly excited about this one. It had it's uses. Plus... blankets were just the coolest! She loved blankets.

The activity... she could do without. She'd much rather stay where it was warm and cuddle up under a newly transfigured blanket by a fire and call it a day.

But alas. School. Ruining the practical fun.

So she once again adjusted her coat before grabbing some spare fabric pieces and set off.

The orange glow of a campfire burns in the distance. As you approach, you'll find a family of five sitting on logs around the fire: mother, father, brother, sister, and baby. The mother holds the baby while the father stokes the fire. Although the fire burns brightly, the two older children huddle together, shivering. The baby begins to wail, and even the mother stifles a shiver. It seems that the fire isn't enough!

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The screams were the first thing that got Evan's attention as he'd been hunting, and before he'd really processed his gait had quickened in the direction. Seeing the wet family, it was hard to not immediately want to go through all of the healing spells he could think of for their sake. But then he remembered they weren't real and the assignment was to evaluate how to assist with the issue of cold. And based on conditions of having fallen into the river in these freezing temperatures - blankets and fire would be needed for this.

But... blankets or fire first?

Blankets would offer more immediate pause to the decrease in temperature while the fire could take a minute to warm someone up. So blankets first it was.

Pulling the scraps of fabric from his pocket, he laid them out quickly before making his curly q over each one and the incantation, "Vestis Vellus". His focus was just on creating something that would be warm, so they ended up just as single colored wool blankets as opposed to any pattern like the one he'd focused on earlier. Again, they held no holes though so they would do the job sufficiently. He handed each one out to each family before trying to turn his attention to the fire.

Hopefully that was enough to begin with while he focused on conjuring up the wood so his incendio could last.

The man and woman give their mystery savior a grateful look as they take the blankets and wrap them around themselves. They huddle together, still shivering, though the shivering has lessened slightly. The couple is warmer than before but still not out of the woods yet. What else can you do to help?

SPOILER!!: Potter
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

"Thank you, Sir." Darius said at the compliment. It wasn't easy doing wordless magic. He still felt like a beginner on each attempt with a spell, but that just made him more determined to master it.

Darius smirked a little at the new set of instructions, since he had already come to class with a blanket draped over his shoulders. It wasn't a large blanket though, so skipping this section wouldn't have been advised. Instead, he went to collect the fabric squares and worked on creating some blankets. His siblings would probably love another blanket if he was able to make them easily.

"Vestis Vellus," Darius first muttered with the curly-Q shape as practice. It felt poetic and his wrists seem to form the shape like natural. As before, he would whisper it and then alternate with it wordlessly. On the fifth whisper is when the fabric transformed into a blanket. Cool.. now the next part. Taking a couple more attempts on the other squares in his possession (just in case for others) he walked around the cold, holding his blanket close to see if others needed some help.

Up ahead you'll notice a cave. A group of stranded hikers are huddled in a circle near the opening, wrapped in blankets and sleeping bags. A pile of discarded food wrappers sits in the middle of the circle. The group leader attempts to ignite the wrappers by rubbing a pair of sticks together; nothing happens. As the leader tries again, the hikers begin to complain loudly. Looks like they could use some help!

Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
The sounds of complaints could be heard up ahead and Daniel knew that he had found a group in need of help. He hastened his steps, not because he was enthusiastic to help out but because he was feeling cold himself and as he advanced the trees near the cave, he noticed a group of hikers seated in front of it, wrapped in blankets and sleeping bags.

His dark brown eyes looked at the discarded food wrappers and then at the, who he supposed was their leader, trying to ignite them to no avail. Daniel didn't need to assess the situation because it was obvious what they needed. Wood and fire.

Daniel stepped away from the trees and joined their space. He stopped in front of the pathetic pile of food wrappers. Had they been real people, Daniel would have made a deal with them. If they gave him some of their food, he would make sure they got their fire going. However, these people were not real. Their appearance was just a conjured trick by the professor, which meant that the food was fake too and would probably vanish the moment class was over.

The urge to roll his eyes was there, but he refrained from doing so and without considering whether these people were supposed to be 'muggles' or not, Daniel pointed his wand at the ground in front of 'leader' and moved it in an X shaped pattern. "Focalia" he said, focusing on the spell with all of his might because he did not want to be here longer than necessary.

These people were irritating him already, as he didn't believe they were in any real need of help if they just stopped whining and had helped the 'leader' out earlier. Fortunately, his practice earlier had paid off and a small pile of firewood appeared on the ground on the first try. The incendio charm was one he was confident in using, as he had to use it frequently in potions classes to ignite the fire under the cauldron. So, with an almost lazy wave of his wand, he muttered the spell and lit the pile of wood on fire.

Could he leave now?

As the fire appears, the hikersí complaints turn to cheers of delight. They huddle around the campfire, rubbing their hands together for warmth. One of them pulls a bag of marshmallows out of his pack. Another finds a chocolate bar, and someone else has graham crackers. As the hikers gather around for símores, your work here is done. Yes, you may leave. There are other people out there who need your help!

OOC: You still have ABOUT 24 HOURS for this activity!
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