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SPOILER!!: responses
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe raised an eyebrow at Violet's emphatic show of magic. Like, was it a contest? They were seventh years, they did non-verbals, it was grand to be so ancient, blah blah blah. "Bravo, old girl. I didn't even know that was a spell."

But they were talking about pests, right? Best not to identify Violet as one, since she did not appear to have a sense of humor. "Younger siblings can be terrible pests, but they're very good for blaming things on when you accidentally burn dinner or lose your keys or let the dog out. It is nearly always Kizzy's fault, and she's okay with that."
Um...wasn't Phoebe James's sister in this class? Mia paused a moment before nodding. "Yes, pests can be good scapegoats or excuses for having things not quite...right," she said finally. "Thank you, Miss James." And hopefully Phoebe's younger sibling wasn't offended.
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Hearing Phoebe's answer, Kinsay almost piped up to object. Except, Fi had a point. Kiz was totally okay with it. Maybe not at first, but she learned to live with it mhm. If she weren't so cute, it probably would've been a different story all together. But as it was, she could usually weasel her way out of getting into big trouble and if that meant taking one for the team...

She did, however, raise her hand to jump in right after Phoebe because she could help with the second part of the question. The part about how to prevent pests from causing problems. "Sometimes I can be bribed with snacks." Only the good kind though. Kinsay had standards.

And with Phoebe's response fresh off her mind, Kinsay's answer almost made sense. "I suppose most creatures, pests and wizards included, can be distracted from causing trouble with food," she agreed. For some creatures, food in traps also worked mighty well.

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Magical pests? Why did no one mention jarveys?? Weren't they pests in their obnoxious ways? Then again, maybe they were considered the 'other'. Although if Apollo was being honest, he definitely wouldn't have considered ashwinders to be a pest. Also, he totally was competent in the incendio spell.

Joining Lisa and Evan Nam, along with Bella, he mostly was quiet and contemplative thus far throughout the lesson. "Pests might be useful if we need them for like potion ingredients. Like ashwinder eggs are a very common potion ingredient." He looked over at Phoebe with her answer about pests, blinking a few times when she mentioned younger siblings. He sadly wouldn't know about that, but she did appear to be joking.
"Potion ingredients, yes!" One of the most common things pests were useful for. Magical pests, at least. "You are correct, Ashwinder eggs, when properly handled, can be used in a variety of potions."

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Phoebe's response earned the smallest of smiles from Cece and she looked down, thinking of Sammy when he was a tiny, curious little thing. Truthfully, she'd probably been more of a pest than he ever could be.

"Pests are useful in that they give the pest control people a job," The blonde offered softly. Jobs were important. If anyone knew that, Cece did. Leaving this place meant finding herself one of those really soon. Sooner than she liked to think about.
It was not quite what she had in mind, but Cece had a good point. "Yes, job security for those in the pest control business," she nodded. "A good background in magizoology is helpful for dealing with most pest problems," she added. In case anybody was considering a career in pest control, they were in the right class for it.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine too could agree with Kinsay: the vines were a pest. Anyway. Indeed there were a lot of pests out there, and if one were to combine them all both from the wizarding and muggle world, then the list would surely go on forever.

Her face lit up once more when Paszek mentioned Ashwinders. Of course the Snakette had figured that out from the inception when ‘magical fire’ was mentioned. She also knew what the Floo powder would be very helpful in this process of Ashwinders being born. Claudine watched each fire as the powder was dropped into it. This was such a fascinating thing.

“Since Ashwinders are usually born from fires that are born from magical fires that are left unsupervised, it’s best to have at least one person around to keep an eye on the fire while it’s burning.”
"Yes, good point, vigilance can help catch pests before they can really cause problems," Mia said, glad people were jumping on the Ashwinder topic.

Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Valentina was thinking about vines and how they were a pest like Kinsay had said - also, wondering when they were going to go away. It was getting to be a little tiresome to see them everywhere. Also. What did she know about ashwinders?? Nothing that her classmates hadn't already said. Oh, well.

"I've heard their eyes are red, professor. Is that true??"
It wasn't what she had asked but (assuming she was talking about the Ashwinders), Valentina was at least still focused on the topic of the class. And it was interesting, if not particularly useful. "Yes, Ashwinders have red eyes, which you will all see shortly," she said.

SPOILER!!: Violet

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet suppressed an eye-roll at Phoebe's comment. Bravo, old girl?? What was this, an Edwardian novel or something? And how casually she threw her sister,Kinsay under the bus; Violet was surprised the younger girl didn't object, but she seemed to just shrug it off. Maybe that was what it was like to have a sister. Oh well, enough amusing herself with these Gryffindors and back to class.

"Ashwinders may be pests, but their eggs can be useful in a number of potions, like the antidote to ague." Also love potions, of course, but the less said about those, the better. "If you can harvest them in a regulated manner, that is, and freeze them so they don't catch on fire."

And they were back to Ashwinder eggs being used in potions. It was a good note to end on, she thought. "Yes, very important point here, Miss Blackthorne," Mia said. "Ashwinder eggs can be used in potions, but they have to be frozen soon after they're laid," she said, looking around to make sure everyone was listening.

"Very soon, some Ashwinders will be coming out of your fires, and looking for a nice corner in the maze to lay their eggs in," she said. "We'll be gathering the eggs to be used in potions, so you'll all need to find the eggs before they catch fire, and freeze them." She summoned a box of jars from the corner and pulled one out. "Glacius works well, and then they can go in these jars for safekeeping. Remember--the eggs are very hot, don't try to handle them before you've used the freezing charm."

Mia looked around, the fires looked to be in about the right state. "Go ahead and collect some jars. You can share Ashwinders if you'd like, but please keep an eye out in case there's one unattended. Let's try not to burn down the paddock!"

Even before the professor stopped talking, the first Ashwinder slithered from the remnants of her fire and into the maze. While she finished giving instructions, more Ashwinders began emerging from the fires, winding with determination into the maze. It was egg-laying time and they all needed to find nice cozy corners.

OOC: Okay! The main activity is here. Harvesting Ashwinder eggs. They'll need to
  1. Collect a jar (they're cold)
  2. Find/follow an Ashwinder(s) in the maze
  3. When it lays its eggs, freeze them and jar them
I'll be playing Ashwinders for you to interact with You'll have about 3 days.
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