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SPOILER!!: Lil partner! <3
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

Did everyone hear that? CLAUDINE WAS ASKING TO BE PARTNERED UP WITH HER. They were the best siblings ever. The best. “Of course I’ll be your partner.” She grinned and retrieved a few pieces of fabric. “Vestis Vellus. Vestis Vellus. Vestis Vellus. And... yeah. There was a nice warm blue wool blanket, the exact same shade as her scarf. But not MADE of her scarf, because her scarf was too special to transfigure.

“Let’s go save some imaginary people! I bet I could make a fire if they needed it, maybe. But I still like making blankets better.” Or, well, she wanted to like it better.

“I think I see some people over there. It’s hard to tell though.”

Of course, of course.

Aside from Heath, Ash was the best Ravenclaw.

“Look at you. Nice work there.” Claudine, or anyone else, would have to be silly not to be in awe of Ash’s work. Silly Claudine was not. With their practice out of the way, she turned to look in the direction her partner was indicating. “Why don’t we go see then?” And she set off. “You know… if you really want to create the fire, you can. I mean, I’ll be right there. Carton’s around. So are a bunch of others. We’ll help out if something goes wrong.” The Snakette wanted Ash to regain her confidence about casting fires; here’s to hoping she came off as encouraging.
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