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SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
“Thanks, professor,” Claudine replied, pleased with her conjuring skills so far during today’s lesson. Hopefully her skills continued for this Blanket Transformation spell. She had no idea why but she was eager to transfigure something into a patchwork quilt. It was the first item that came to mind when Carton explained the spell.

Having a good feeling about the rest of the activity, she snagged a few fabric squares then headed back to Ash. “Partners?’’ Since she liked working with the Ravenclaw and they had been doing so earlier, it made sense for her to ask. “Vestis Vellus. Vestis Vellus.” So that wasn’t the most difficult of incantations but the wand movement was and Claudine took some extra time practicing to get it right.

“Vestis Vellus.” Cue the curly q shape as Carton had demonstrated. Nothing. “Vestis Vellus,’’ the girl tried again, picturing a cotton patchwork quilt. The wad movement was done again as she focused on the image in her head. And there it was: one cotto patchwork quilt complete with a fluffy blue clouds design.

Did everyone hear that? CLAUDINE WAS ASKING TO BE PARTNERED UP WITH HER. They were the best siblings ever. The best. “Of course I’ll be your partner.” She grinned and retrieved a few pieces of fabric. “Vestis Vellus. Vestis Vellus. Vestis Vellus. And... yeah. There was a nice warm blue wool blanket, the exact same shade as her scarf. But not MADE of her scarf, because her scarf was too special to transfigure.

“Let’s go save some imaginary people! I bet I could make a fire if they needed it, maybe. But I still like making blankets better.” Or, well, she wanted to like it better.

“I think I see some people over there. It’s hard to tell though.”
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