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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Colwyn lead the way down the aisle stopping once again before two more cages. "Here we have a brother and sister both around the three year age mark now. She's a bit more friendly than him, he takes a little warming up but nothing you shouldn't be able to manage." From the coloring alone on these two it was clear to see that they were both snowy owls.
Pippa inhaled softly at the beauty of the two matched snowy owls. Reaching out her hand (which contained yet another owl treat from her pockets) she cooed at the female, who seemed to welcome her advances. Encouraged by this, Pippa stretched out her other hand gently and softly stroked the owl's head.

Turning to the male owl, who was hanging back a bit, Pippa very carefully held out another treat, but not too far. Talking softly to him, she waited for him to make the first move to come closer.
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