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Potions was one of Kinsay's least favorite classes. She understood that it was important for its practicality, but if she ever needed a potion, she could just buy one, ask Teddy to brew it for her, or follow a recipe herself! It hardly seemed necessary to waste year after year learning how to brew potions in a class when she could just pull out a recipe book and do it herself. Why'd they need entire lessons dedicated to it? Hogwarts wasn't using it's budget properly. Maybe Kins would complain to her mum who could then complain to the Minister for Magic.

It's not like people went around and memorized every single ingredient and every single step for every single potion anyway. That's impractical. And a waste of time.

And Kins had better things to do with hers. Like sketch things in her notebook. That's how she ended up spending most of her time in potions lessons. Professor H probably didn't care much anyway. He had bigger and better things to be grumpy about. She could tell. As for the question posed to the class, she liked Claudine and Lisa's answers.

So she just looked up, taking a break from her notebook, and nodded in agreement.
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