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Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
How RUDE of professor Hernandez to not greet her back. Valentina got her feelings hurt, okay!! Trying not to look too upset, she decided to focus on his question instead. UM. She raised her hand to answer.

"Well, potions do not take effect immediately right?? Wand magic is faster so it's better." Obviously.
"Most do not - particularly the ones you have to ingest, which is what I bet you're thinking of," Javier said with a smile. "But not ALL of them, as we will learn in just a bit."

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Potions for self defense? It wasn't something Evan had looked extensively into, as for the reason Val listed, and for the fact a potion would have to be consumed in most cases, sometimes by the target. Which could prove entirely difficult given the circumstances. Still, he wasn't one to remain silent during discussion so there was one that came to mind that could be helpful - if one could figure out how to administer it.

He raised his hand and waited to be called on before offering, "The Draught of Living Death. You could put someone to sleep with that rendering them unable to come at you." Although... "You could also take it yourself, and try the opossum approach if playing dead." Though that could be dangerous too since you much of the potion could make it lethal.
"Interesting use of that potion...not one I would have thought of, but creative nonetheless," Javi responded with a nod at Evan's answer.

Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella sat in the back, taking notes. Potions for self-defense? Most of the potions she could think of at a moment's thought weren't used to attack, but rather to heal, clean or repel. To remain silent wasn't this snakette's style. Slytherin was in third place in house cup race so she had to say something to earn house points for the green side so Bella raised her hand to give an answer. "Um, there is the exploding potion professor that you can use to create explosions that might confund or injure your attacker so that you can flee the scene." She paused a few moments before adding. "I like Valentina prefer wand magic because it's quicker and doesn't require you to have brewed the potion ahead of time or to ingest it." An attacker usually didn't wait for you to prepare your move and it wasn't often that you had potions for attacking on hand in your satchel.
"There are many potions that can cause an explosion, yes," Javier smiled at Bella as she answered. "But yes, wand magic is much quicker than having to pull out a potion to use in a heat of battle."

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
"I'd say the main disadvantage of potions over spells is that you need time and space to brew a potion. If you didn't happen to have the right potion with you when you needed it, you'd hardly have time to run brew one in the field," Violet observed, though she really hated to be arguing for spells and against potions, her favorite form of magic.
"Very good point!" he responded to Violet with a rare smile. "In the moment of battle, you hardly have time to brew a potion that might be useful."

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Hello, Ash. She saw you. “Hi to you as well, Lisa.’’ Claudine didn’t usually get as visually enthusiastic but she certainly was thrilled to have the second year beside her. “I see the vines don’t have you feeling down.” Which was a very good thing. “Hi, Violet.” Her fellow Snakette too got a smile.

What’s this? They were even going to have the chance to test their potions? Yes, Claudine was very interested in today's topic. But first… those questions. “Um… Amortentia. It is the most powerful love potion and if there’s someone looking to attack you and you knew about this, I think it would be quite useful to have them consume a bit of the potion.” Claudine lowered her hand thoughtfully. “But I agree with Valentina and Violet. Wand magic seems far more reliable for defense.”
"Quite the interesting defense there Miss Blaze...but certainly effective," Javier replied to Claudine's answer. Not exactly the main use of a love potion WOULD work to defend yourself, in that instance.

Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Can...can they not talk about Amortentia because...well, that didn't go down well with him. Noah thought it was great stuff to get a quick laugh by making himself look like an idiot, but...well, let's just say he got in more trouble than what he'd asked. What he thought was harmless, proved to be harmful to someone who actually has REAL feelings for him. If only he knew then, he wouldn't be near THAT potion. And yes, he would have to agree that Amortentia was a powerful potion, however, NOT practical, in his opinion.

Noah raised his hand from where he sat, and waited for the professor to call him. "Probably the obvious upside of a wand as defence is its availability to a wizard or witch's aide without delay. But if I'm to use a potion, the Swelling Solution comes to mind, professor. It causes inflammation upon contact, and that should be enough to distract the person I'm trying to run away from." he said with a shrug. Why he'd carry around a swelling solution in his person, though, would be the question.
"Ah, good example! Swelling Solutions are very useful in a defense situation," Javier said in agreement with Noah's answer. After all, what other instances would you use a Swelling Solution in, if not for defense?

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Wand versus potions? Shouldn’t it be wand versus the muggle way? Oh right... this was potions class.

“Um, if there are any potions that are unsafe to touch, you could put it in a breakable container and hit them with it. Maybe they’ll even get it in their mouth or something, I dunno. But if you were looking for a potion to take yourself, I’d take one that made you smarter and better at thinking on your feet.””

Did they explain why they wanted to use potions in self-defense yet?

“I’d rather use my wand or my hands. More versatile.” Although you couldn’t just pull out your wand in front of a muggle(could you drink a potion in front of one either?)...
A little violent, but Ashley seemed to get what Javier had been going for when he asked the question. "Probably not the intended use of the potion, but it could be helpful nonetheless."

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath was glad for the warmer weather today. As much as he enjoyed potions class, the dungeons got awfully chilly in the winter months. Regardless of the temperature, he was here and ready to learn. Upon his arrival, the first thing he’d noticed was the random assortment of items at the back of the room. What was that for? He was sure it must be part of the lesson somehow - granted, he didn’t know Professor Hernandez well, but he doubted any professor here would be that disorganized! He just didn’t know how yet.

He’d greeted the professor politely and taken a seat near Claudine and Lisa, greeting the pair with a small smile. As Professor Hernandez began the lesson, Heath looked to the front. He blinked, slightly confused by the question. Potions used for self-defense? What in Hoth could that have to do with the random stuff at the back of the room? Never mind, he supposed he didn’t have to make sense of it, just go with it.

As he considered the question, he listened to his classmates’ answers. He agreed that wandwork would be faster and more efficient than potions in a defensive situation, but it seemed that some were missing the glaringly obvious. How would one convince an opponent to ingest a potion? Thinking along those lines, he took his answer in a slightly different direction. “I wonder if using a potion oneself might be more effective than trying to get an opponent to take one,” he said after raising his hand. “For example, strengthening solution could give you an edge in a fight.” As for the other part of the question… “Another advantage to spells is that you can use more than one if you need to, but it appears that two or more potions at a time could counteract each other or otherwise have unpredictable effects.”
"That is one way to go about it, Mister Jones, good answer," Javier nodded at the Ravenclaw. USING potions that gave you a physical advantage would certainly be a good defense!

"Good work, everyone. Most of you touched on the main points I was hoping you would bring up - wand magic is quick and easy, and unless it's a potion that causes some sort of quick physical reaction, wand magic is usually more effective as defense in the moment," Javier explained. "Today, we'll be learning how to brew one of those potions."

"In this lesson we'll be learning about the Noxious Potion," he began, waving his wand so the name of the potion appeared on the chalkboard behind him. "Take a quick moment to look up the Noxious Potion in your potions textbook, and then raise your hand and tell me how you might use this as a defense mechanism if you didn't have your wand available."

OOC: onto question 2! Feel free to use the Potions Textbook linked above to help you answer this question, you'll have about 24 hours to answer before we move on!
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