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Heath was glad for the warmer weather today. As much as he enjoyed potions class, the dungeons got awfully chilly in the winter months. Regardless of the temperature, he was here and ready to learn. Upon his arrival, the first thing he’d noticed was the random assortment of items at the back of the room. What was that for? He was sure it must be part of the lesson somehow - granted, he didn’t know Professor Hernandez well, but he doubted any professor here would be that disorganized! He just didn’t know how yet.

He’d greeted the professor politely and taken a seat near Claudine and Lisa, greeting the pair with a small smile. As Professor Hernandez began the lesson, Heath looked to the front. He blinked, slightly confused by the question. Potions used for self-defense? What in Hoth could that have to do with the random stuff at the back of the room? Never mind, he supposed he didn’t have to make sense of it, just go with it.

As he considered the question, he listened to his classmates’ answers. He agreed that wandwork would be faster and more efficient than potions in a defensive situation, but it seemed that some were missing the glaringly obvious. How would one convince an opponent to ingest a potion? Thinking along those lines, he took his answer in a slightly different direction. “I wonder if using a potion oneself might be more effective than trying to get an opponent to take one,” he said after raising his hand. “For example, strengthening solution could give you an edge in a fight.” As for the other part of the question… “Another advantage to spells is that you can use more than one if you need to, but it appears that two or more potions at a time could counteract each other or otherwise have unpredictable effects.”
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