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Hello, Ash. She saw you. “Hi to you as well, Lisa.’’ Claudine didn’t usually get as visually enthusiastic but she certainly was thrilled to have the second year beside her. “I see the vines don’t have you feeling down.” Which was a very good thing. “Hi, Violet.” Her fellow Snakette too got a smile.

What’s this? They were even going to have the chance to test their potions? Yes, Claudine was very interested in today's topic. But first… those questions. “Um… Amortentia. It is the most powerful love potion and if there’s someone looking to attack you and you knew about this, I think it would be quite useful to have them consume a bit of the potion.” Claudine lowered her hand thoughtfully. “But I agree with Valentina and Violet. Wand magic seems far more reliable for defense.”
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