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Bella sat in the back, taking notes. Potions for self-defense? Most of the potions she could think of at a moment's thought weren't used to attack, but rather to heal, clean or repel. To remain silent wasn't this snakette's style. Slytherin was in third place in house cup race so she had to say something to earn house points for the green side so Bella raised her hand to give an answer. "Um, there is the exploding potion professor that you can use to create explosions that might confund or injure your attacker so that you can flee the scene." She paused a few moments before adding. "I like Valentina prefer wand magic because it's quicker and doesn't require you to have brewed the potion ahead of time or to ingest it." An attacker usually didn't wait for you to prepare your move and it wasn't often that you had potions for attacking on hand in your satchel.
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