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Default Potions Lesson 2 - Noxious Potion

The weather was finally starting to warm up a bit, which made teaching in the drafty dungeons a bit more pleasant for Javier and hopefully was pleasant for his students as well. Despite those vines continuing to invade any open crevice they could - he'd long since given up hope of actually being able to get rid of them - the classroom looked pretty normal.

Normal, that is, except for a variety of random items piled up at the back of the classroom. Barrels, wooden crates, some rubber tires and giant foam rocks. What on EARTH?

And hopefully those vines would just...behave themselves during the lesson and not attempt to snatch anyone up. He'd done a pretty good job of barricading them away with some magical spells that seemed to be keeping them in place along the back wall, but he knew that wasn't the case everywhere in the castle. He was lucky - they probably didn't really enjoy the dark dungeons all that much and that was why they hadn't continued poking around down here.

Come on in and have a seat. Javier is standing at the front of the classroom, waiting as always for the eager students to arrive.

OOC: Welcome welcome to Potions Lesson #2! This is gonna be a fun one, guys! Class will begin in roughly 30ish hours CLASS HAS STARTED! Please act as if your character has been here all along!

Welcome and Question 1 - What potions can you use for defense?
Question 2 - How can you use the Noxious Potion as a defense mechanism?
Mini Activity - Brew the Noxious Potion!
Main Activity - Battle it out with your Noxious Potions!