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Default Question 2!
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SPOILER!!: Individual replies
Text Cut: Nam
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
... He really hoped Professor Carton was not stranding them in this now cold classroom for a ton of time. Though he doubted it, but he supposed they would probably be learning spells that would be helpful should that scenario ever arise. Though, truthfully anything that would be necessary in the wilderness could probably be useful in every day as well.

But what was the first thing that he'd do if stranded? Well... perhaps it was the cold climate talking, but the first thing that came to Evan's mind was building a shelter to get out of whatever the weather conditions were. His hand went up. "Shelter is top of my priority list. If there are sticks or branches or anything around, Epoximise could be used in place of rope in order to get it all to stay together for a more durable shelter."

Nam’s hand was the first one Norman saw in the air. Not only had the boy answered the question, but he also gave a possible magical solution to the problem. “Sound strategy, Mr, Nam,” he said, nodding approvingly.

Text Cut: Mordaunt
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
After sharing a good laugh with a classmate while waiting for the others to arrive, Noah turned to the familiar voice, lifting a brow ever so slightly at her remark, and eyed the way she battled with her scarf. "Well, I'm not even surprised." Noah shook his head and grinned at his pseudo little sister, "Scarf first, then the gloves." he added as he went on to help Ash get ready for class, tying the thick material around her neck snugly. "You're welcome."


After patting Ash's head once, Noah shifted his attention to Professor Carton up front, signalling the start of class. Survival? Food was the first thing that came to mind, but given that he cannot conjure food out of thin air, he'd have to settle for the next best thing: "Shelter, professor. Especially if we have this kind of condition. We'd freeze to death if we don't have that extra layer of warmth." it pays to be an outdoor person, really.

So it seemed Mordaunt agreed with Nam. Norman wasn’t the least bit surprised. He was, however, pleased that the boy had mentioned weather conditions and the need for warmth, but he’d come back to that later. “Excellent point, Mr. Mordaunt,” he said.

Text Cut: Fox
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash blushed(this was so embarrassing), but it was hard to tell because of the cold was making her face(still not covered by the scarf) red anyway. In her defense!!! She lived in Australia!!! And she had almost never bothered to wear a scarf at Hogwarts before because she liked to feel cold and being cold meant you weren't dead! If anyone was wondering about her inability to put her scarf on right.

Ash let Noah tie her scarf on for her, not complaining despite her strong feeling that she looked like a toddler right now. "Thank you..." She probably looked adorable right now. Oh no. They were never to discuss this again!!!

Ash didn't like to ask for help. But she greatly enjoyed receiving it and it felt weird because her family had taught her that she needed to do everything herself and anything other than that was weakness and and and... yeah.


This was a really nice scarf. It was ravenclaw blue, and it was warm but it wasn't fuzzy because she hated getting weird fuzzy scarf material in her mouth. Whoever had picked this out for her(Dustin) clearly knew her very well.

"If you are injured, either it's quickly healable/manageable or you're probably dying, so that shouldn't take too much time to solve. Beyond that, I agree with everyone else. Shelter is definitely the most important. You want to find a safe spot, preferably near water, and not too far away because you need to conserve energy. You can use your wand to easily build the shelter, or you could do it the muggle way if you're not good at magic... also I'd start a fire to keep warm and think about my next steps."

Ahs really didn't understand why people liked camping or hiking. It was all fun and games until you were cold and wet and having an emergency...

"Shelter will hopefully keep you from getting cold and wet and lost, and therefore dying quickly and uncomfortably." And it was somewhere to go back to, a base or whatever... and that was comforting.

Although Fox also touched on shelter, Norman was pleased to hear her answer take a different direction… one that he hadn’t expected. He nodded approvingly. “Very good points, Miss Fox,” he said.

Text Cut: Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
The only thing Carton was missing was that Daniel could sometimes be too sassy which came across as rude. Claudine had been on the receiving end of this and the vines along with the Hufflepuff’s whining had irritated her. However, as she stood beside him, she said nothing further. All she focused on was trying to figure out what today’s lesson would be about.

Not that the wait would last much longer.

Claudine pondered on the question. Shelter had been her first thought but that answer had already been given quite a bit. “One of the first things I would do is to build a fire. It would keep me warm if necessary and also keep creatures away. Hopefully.”

While Fox had briefly mentioned fire, Blaze’s answer expanded on it. That answer also earned an approving nod from the professor. “Excellent thinking, Miss Blaze,” he said.

Text Cut: Blackthorne
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet nodded as she heard the others' answers. "I agree. Healing first, if needed. Then shelter. And after that, I'd think would be water." She thought a minute and then added, "As for a fire, that would depend on the type of wilderness you were stuck in--if it wasn't cold weather, fire wouldn't be as high a priority."

Norman listened, nodding at Blackthorne’s answer in places. Not only had she given an answer to the question asked, but she’d provided an ordered list of survival priorities. “All excellent points, Miss Blackthorne,” he replied.

Text Cut: Nichols
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
What would she do if she were stranded in the wilderness?? Uhh. She only hoped that situation would never arise. Val wasn't very outdoorsy but she could only imagine how scary that situation would be. Another reason why she was never going to go camping. Everrr.

"Well.. what about food, professor? Isn't that a priority??" She thought so, at least.

Norman had been wondering when someone was going to bring up food. Frankly he was surprised it hadn’t come up before! Nonetheless the answer earned an approving nod. “Very good, Miss Nichols,” he said.

Text Cut: Potter
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Everyone had good answers, Darius thought. Food, Shelter, and the alike. Since being stranded without much sign of escape. He would wonder what the weather conditions are if it was extremely hot, cold, rainy, windy... and other situations occuring.

"Probably to make sure I truly am alone and see if there's any dangerous creatures or areas nearby before making a safe spot." He answered. The last thing he needed was to be taken by surprise while making shelter or gathering food. "Then also make some sort of landmark to alert others of my condition if passing by."

Here was another answer Norman hadn’t expected to hear. “Sound thinking, Mr. Potter,” he said, nodding. “In addition to alerting others, a landmark can be used to help you find your way back to your shelter after searching for food and water.”

Norman’s aquamarine eyes scanned the room in search of more hands in the air. When he saw none, he addressed the class again, “Good answers, everyone! All of the things you mentioned are important priorities to consider when lost in the wilderness. When determining which is most important, you should consider the weather conditions and the type of terrain, but a general rule of thumb is shelter first, Then water, then fire, then food. Also, as Mr. Potter touched on, you must always be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for potential dangers, creature or otherwise, and make marks along your path to help others find you and to help yourself find your way.” Did they get all that?

Just in case, he brandished his wand, and, holding it like a pencil, he made a motion as if writing. The following list appeared in fiery red letters midair:

Originally Posted by list

1. Shelter
2. Water
3. Fire/warmth
4. Food

*Consider terrain and weather conditions when evaluating survival priorities. Always be aware of your surroundings!*
After allowing a brief moment or two for the students to copy that down, Norman moved on. “Building off the last question,” he said, “how could transfiguration help you obtain the things on that list? Is there anything for which you think transfiguration wouldn’t be helpful?”

OOC: Question 2 is up! For this one, Carton is asking how transfiguration might be helpful or unhelpful in acquiring shelter, water, fire, and/or food in the wilderness. You don’t have to give an example for each item on the list; one example per student will do. You have ABOUT 18 HOURS for this question.
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