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SPOILER!!: individual replies
Text Cut: Wolff
Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Dia had, in fact, remembered to dress warmly today. She was wrapped in her purple skiing coat, gloves and boots, thank you very much. And upon entering the Transfiguration classroom, she could see the reasoning behind the instruction. Was that a mountain? Cool, cool. She didn’t think she would be lucky enough to be able to ski in this class, though. When were the professors ever that cool? She did like the scene, though. Minus the vines, of course, but it seemed like they were stuck with the stupid things, so…..

”Hello, Professor,” she greeted, moving to start the semi-circle in the middle of the room.

Norman kept his eyes on the door, watching for arriving students. He hadn’t been waiting long when Wolff appeared. “Hello, Miss Wolff,” he replied.

Text Cut: Nichols
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Valentina entered the classroom, her eyes widening in surprise as she took in the snowy landscape. Also?? It was so COLD!! She was dressed warmly but still - she couldn't help but shiver a bit. The blonde did wonder what they were going to be learning in such surroundings though.. Maybe some advanced heating charms??

... and she couldn't help but giggle when she looked at the professor. He looked so funny in that snowsuit!! "Hello, professor!" Val greeted finally.

Well, this one was cheerful! Norman immediately noticed Nichols’s giggle, though it didn’t occur to him that she was giggling at him. “Hello, Miss Nichols,” he greeted.

Text Cut: Yoon
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Daniel was glad that he had decided to look at the instructions on the noticeboard in the Hufflepuff common room before coming to class. As he opened the door a cold gust of air blew over him and he pushed his scarf closer up and over his nose. It did not matter how many times he had seen this type of magic that changed the scenery of the classroom but it was probably his favourite one of them all.

"Hello Professor" he greeted as he walked past Professor Carton and rubbed his arms to keep them warm. "A heating spell can do wonders you know..." just a ..hint... Yes, he was cold!

He entered the 'classroom' further and walked to his classmates that were already present to form the semi-circle.

Yoon’s words got a slight smile from the professor, a smile hidden by the scarf wrapped around his face. “Hello, Mr. Yoon,” Norman replied. “Suggestion noted.” There was a reason for the lack of heating charms, which the boy and everyone else would learn in due time.

Text Cut: Nam
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Dressing warmly was something he did not need to be told twice on. Evan wasn't very fond of being cold, so he'd made sure to bundle quite well. An extra Ravenclaw sweatshirt he'd had made over his shirt and underneath his robes, and his scarf wrapped up over his mouth. He had a couple extra scarves in his bag as well, just in case one or both of his sister's had not been prepared. He'd prefer to not give up his own scarf for this class, especially when he noticed just how cold it was when they entered the classroom.

"Hello, Professor Carton." He would have offered the man a smile with his greeting, but considering it couldn't be seen under the scarf it didn't seem necessary. If he could even understand what he had said too, that was.

Hearing the permission too to sever any of the vines if needed - which honestly it wasn't to get to a spot in the circle, he pulled his wand out anyways and pointed it at one of the vines close-ish by. "Diffindo!" Not that cutting one seemed to do any changes.

Evan made his way to a spot beside Daniel, giving the younger Hufflepuff a nod in hello.

Yes, Norman could understand Nam’s words despite the scarf. It wasn’t that difficult; he had developed rather keen listening skills over the years. “Hello, Mr. Nam,” he replied.

Text Cut: Mordaunt
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Dress warmly? Noah thought it was a bit vague, considering that the cold, especially in the highlands, had different levels. Considering the current season they were in, the Gryffindor decided to dress warmly as instructed, but not as layered as one would expect, say during winter.

While it may be weird for some to dress in layers while it was nice and sunny outside, Noah was his usual confident self as he strutted down the corridors in his winter clothes like a true catwalk model. You see, in the business, a model should always be ready for whatever clothing thrown their way. Confidence was key.

The Gryffindor stepped back as he opened the door to Transfiguration and was caught off guard by the cold wind that welcomed him. "I should've gone for the full winter gear..." he murmured, as he bravely entered the very cold...but vine-y classroom. "A very cold afternoon to you, Professor." he said with a smile, as he non-verbally cast heating charms on his clothes to keep him warm and toasty. Wouldn't want to be sick before his date that afternoon...

Norman noticed Mordaunt’s step back and muttered words, though he showed no reaction aside from a slight eyebrow raise. “Same to you, Mr. Mordaunt,” he said, returning the Gryffindor’s smile with a nod, as any smile he gave would’ve been hidden behind his scarf.

Text Cut: Potter
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Darius always felt awkward in cool attire, from his growing height over the years he had to re-adjust to new sizes of clothing to feel cozy in this time of the year. He was bundled up from the dragon boots, baggy pants, sweater and blanket draped over his shoulders like a cape, with his face partially covered by a balaclava.

"Hello, Professor." Darius spoke a little louder so he could be heard through the mouth covering. He was glad to not only be looking out of the ordinary in the attire. Afterward, he went over where the older students resided before waiting.

Norman saw nothing awkward about Potter’s attire. Then again he prioritized safety and comfort above aesthetic, so he was the wrong person to ask about fashion! “Hello, Mr. Potter,” he greeted, nodding politely.

Text Cut: Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
One would have thought that Carton might have been thrilled about the end of winter but clearly the setting of the classroom told a different story. Claudine was all bundled up, of course, having followed the instructions. She was slightly annoyed because of the vines. Despite them being around the castle for a while now, she hadn’t gotten used to them.

The seventh year was not far off behind Daniel so she heard his words to Carton. “Well, why don’t you cast one on yourself then?’’ she questioned irritably. “Hi, Professor.” Daniel was constantly keen on practicing spells, surely he hadn’t missed an opportunity to master such an essential one? Still, she followed him to stand on his other side.

While Norman had to agree with Blaze’s question to Yoon, he was slightly confused by the irritable way she said it. Had he missed something? Maybe she just didn’t like the cold… or the vines. Never mind… “Hello, Miss Blaze,” he greeted.

Text Cut: Blackthorne
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
By now Violet was used to having classes all over the school grounds, unnecessary as she often thought it was, so she had heeded the advice to 'dress warmly' and worn the heavy Norwegian sweater Miss Howard had given her for a belated birthday present, as well as a hat, scarf, and gloves. But she was astounded to find that the outside had been brought inside in this case, which seemed overkill to her.

"Good afternoon, Professor Carton," she murmured a trifle grumpily as she took her place in the semi-circle of students, eying the vines on the floor from time to time. She would not hesitate a second in severing any of them that crossed her.

The slight grumpiness of Blackthorne’s tone wasn’t lost upon Norman, though he saw no point in drawing attention to it. Instead, he nodded politely and replied, "Good afternoon, Miss Blackthorne.”

Text Cut: Fox
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
“Hey professor.” For once, Ash had dressed warmly. She had long sleeves, and a jacket. Even a hat. And she had gloves and a scarf in her pocket. She had actually decided to be responsible today... after all she didn’t intend to freeze.

She stood next to Noah and stuck her hands in her pockets. “I find it kinda funny that the only time I bothered to dress warmly was to stand inside of a classroom.” In the actual outdoors, she never dressed warmly enough. And that was a little dumb.

She pulled on her gloves. Then she tried and failed to put on her scarf... maybe she should have put it on before her gloves? But she didn’t wanna take her gloves off... hmm. This appeared to be a problem.

Typical Ash. She could blow things up and create beautiful art and do cool surfing tricks... but putting on a scarf with gloved hands? Nah. That was too hard.

Fox’s greeting got a slight smile, hidden behind Norman’s scarf. “Good afternoon, Miss Fox,” he greeted, pleased to see that she’d remembered the instructions to dress warmly.

Text Cut: Couture
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Misa was not a fan of the cold. She held her coat tighter around herself vaguely wondering if they were allowed to charm them to make the environment tolerable or was this a Transfiguration-only zone?

"Hello Professor." she greeted with her best attempt not to have chattering teeth.

She wrinkled her nose slightly as she stepped over a vine before picking a spot in the semi-circle.

Sever the vines? She'd like to light them on fire. Snow was only to be enjoyed while skiing or from the safety of the inside by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Neither of those scenarios were happening.

Norman watched with slight concern as Couture wrapped her coat tighter around her. “Hello, Miss Couture,” he replied.

Norman glanced at his watch to see that it was four o’clock on the dot. He drew his wand, aiming at the door, and it closed and locked with a click. Turning away from the door, he made his way farther into the classroom to stand in the middle of the semi-circle. “Good afternoon, class! Let’s get started,” he addressed the group, talking somewhat louder than normal to account for the scarf wrapped around his face and the gusting wind.

He paused only a second before launching into the first question. He didn’t want his students to be cold for any longer than was absolutely necessary! “Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you: Imagine you’re stranded in the wilderness with nothing but your wand and the clothes on your back. What is your first priority in terms of survival?”

OOC: So sorry for the delay… sickness & laptop issues put me behind schedule! Class has officially started. Feel free to join in at any time; just pretend that your character has been here the whole time unless you want IC consequences for a late arrival. We’ll move on in ABOUT 18 HOURS.
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