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Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
As he pointed across the street to his shop (thus allowing good view of his muscular arm), Camilo's stare lingered on a young customer by the window who gave off an unexplainable shoplifter vibe. He tore his eyes away when the boy shrugged and left the store. So, he did not notice that the woman with the cutest dimple had been looking at his arms.

"Oh yeah, kids who come into the shop to buy their first toy broomsticks? They think I'm ancient. I guess that influences the way I speak. But I'm not old," he reassured her. "I see. I would say come by sometime, but I admit that the shop isn't very fun if you are not a fan of Quidditch ... or a fan of me, so no pressure." Camilo Aguilar was simply amazing at flirting, obviously. Unfortunately, he too was not a devoted follower of her field of work. He was all for wearing the most comfortable clothes he could find, which meant that he broke the rules of fashion like a Gryffindor looking to get fashion detention, if such a thing existed. "That makes sense too, no wonder you're so well dressed." He would have to make a serious effort to make himself look presentable for Ms. Fashion Designer.

YES, she said yes! Even though she didn't know his name! "Oh, right, names. Hi, Anita Sandhu. Hi, Anita! My name's Camilo Aguilar." He extended his hand for a belated "nice to meet you" handshake, grinning from ear to ear. "So uh, how does this Friday work for you?"

Anita made up her mind. Her new friend here certainly had impressive muscles. That certainly was another feature of his which attracted her. It was too bad about him missing her dimple though. He would have been blown away. Luckily there were going to be instances when he got the chance to lay his eyes on it; providing that he made her laugh and grin, of course.

The woman pressed her lips together. Would it be too improper if she kept laughing at his jokes? She didn’t want him to get the impression that she was flirting with him, even if Anita really did like him. “Don’t worry, your face seems to be free of wrinkles.” Oh, oh, oh. Anita saw what you did there! Was that his way of trying to find out if she liked him? If it was, rest assured that Anita Sandhu was not going to fall so easily for that trick. “I follow Quidditch just enough to keep up with my clients. It always pays well to offer a bit of flattery about their moves or saves.’’ A shrewd business woman she can be. “Thank you,” Annie replied with the tiniest of smirks. “You’re not so bad at picking your own clothes.” She liked his casual style.

Goodness gracious! If he wasn’t cute when he said her full name before using only her first. “Nice to meet you as well, Camilo,’’ Annie remarked as she reached out to grasp and shake his hand with her presumably smaller and softer one. “Hmm.” Annie pretended to think but there wasn’t really any need: unless you counted her being in her apartment above her studio dressed in oversized clothing and watching TV, then there wasn’t much else planned for her Friday night. “I think I can rearrange my schedule a bit. Friday’s perfect. Any particular time in mind we should meet?”
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