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wow, that picture of Venti is amazing, and the way you got the colour into it is excellent. even when I try to directly copy a figure like that I always trip up on lining the hair and getting the expression right and you've done it so well. and the way the colours flow(? blend? words again) in the hair is beautiful

I looked at your perception prompt for a second before it clicked, but then I got there and I enjoy it immensely, plus so much of that shading I like. I really admire how you get depth into your art. and then your fashion forward prompt, I opened the spoiler before I read (again) and thought it looked just like one of those fashion figures, and lo and behold. it's a very luna outfit too I think.

the lyrics you did for moon are now firmly stuck in my head, but I'm okay with that. I continue to be in awe of your lettering, that cursive especially. and with pudding, I looked at your prompt and immediately remembered the smell of christmas pudding *-* it's like when you evoked all the memories with the autumn one. I don't love christmas pudding but I've always loved the smell, so thank u

and... I gotta say, your comfort prompt is comforting in and of itself, just to look at. for some reason I am particularly taken with the cream on top, it's done so well, the folds and the soft fluffiness. and for serene, okay, I'm drooling over not just the lettering but the colours also, I love combinations like that and the progression is so pretty. same for your divination prompt too, it's so bold and the colours are perfect together

I like where you went with ottery st. catchpole, I've loved seeing how people did this one. I could easily eat that... except for the cream, bc I prefer scones with just jam. the animal skull you drew for crumple-horned snorkack is fantastic. the texture and shading on the skull itself here is light and yet extremely effective, not to mention the horns, the way you got the twists in them

the horseshoe brings me back to the feelings about the paintbrush you drew. the sheen of the metal here is excellent. and finally ;; the bubbles. you got the colour and the sheen (again with the sheen) absolutely spot on here I think, and even the bubble wand looks so realistic.

congratulations on completing seektober :3 I'm so glad you swooped back in to take part, I've loved being able to see more of your art again

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