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Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
Camilo noticed her toss the tissue into her bag, but did not think it was particularly weird. There weren't enough rubbish bins on the street anyway, probably due to the odours that could come from them. His own running backpack happened to be clean, though he only cared about it for hygiene reasons - didn't want anything to dirty his towel or water bottle - and his other bags and apartment were also in need of a long overdue tidying session.

He had regretted showing off his Beater experience as soon as he casually mentioned it, but it seemed that he got her attention by doing so. She asked him a question! The regret was no more. "No, just for fun, though I had been a reserve player for the Caerphilly Catapults back in the days. Now I own and manage that shop." He pointed across the street to Quality Quidditch Supplies. "And what do you do, if you don't mind me asking?" He really hoped she didn't mind him asking.

"Thank you, ma'am. You are most generous." Aguilar faked taking a bow when she said she could not continue letting him look silly. He was, in fact, already somewhat comfortable with the lady with whom he shared the bench. They were talking and joking and smiling, which he thought were all good social signals. Of course, that was a whole different issue from successfully asking her out. "Okay. The reasons are threefold. Firstly, I like to think that I'm kind-hearted and funny. If you accept my dinner invitation, I will make sure that you have a lovely evening. Secondly, I've done some interesting things in life so far, so you'll get to hear cool stories while we have dinner. But I'm also a good listener, so you should be prepared to tell your own cool stories too! Thirdly, I know all the good restaurants in London. Even if you don't like me, I can promise that you'll like the food." He looked at her with a playful smile.

You know what Anita did, besides asking about professional teams? Her gaze travelled right to his arms as she was trying to determine the circumference of them. Surely that would be a good measure of how muscular he was. “Back in the day?” Anita asked, grinning impishly so that a small dimple appeared on the right side cheek. “You make it sound as though you’re old.” Impressed with him managing a business of his own, her gaze followed the indication. Quality Quidditch Supplies. “That makes sense. Want to hear something? I haven’t been to that shop since I was attending Hogwarts.” And no, she didn’t mind the question one bit. It had actually been a while since Anita had the time to make conversation that wasn’t work related with anyone. “I own and manage a clothing business. I’m a fashion designer.”

Okay, despite her original resentment of him, Anita decided that she was willing to let that go because he was so funny. Or bad at being funny in some cases, which in turn made the situations funnier. “You were just lucky. But you’re welcome.” The reasons being listed were not bad ones at all. Anita admitted to herself that she was attracted to his humour more than anything else for now. She also admitted to herself that there wasn’t any time in her life for any serious relationship, though of course there was no way to determine that would happen here. Yet, the woman found herself agreeing to dinner. “You’ve got yourself one dinner partner even though I don’t even know your name.” Was it normal for conversations to go on this long without knowing someone’s name? “Mine’s Anita Sandhu.”
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