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WELL. It has been a MINUTE since I was last in here and the audacity you have to produce so many amazing pieces that I have so many things to say about. Honestly. Incorrigible

Okay but...I love this interpretation and it is so clever and SO TOBY. You may not like this one but I am obsessed with the shading and balance you brought to this piece. I remember how hard it was with lighting and shading on the chains I did last year and that was on such a SMALL scale compared to this large scale one like this. It's lovely and so so springy.

This makes me so emo because of the Atlas and Nem hang outs in this location Also, Sadie and Art...for VERY different reasons but uuuuuh the texture and shading on those spikey parts of the rook bits...its really really captivating. I also really appreciate the purposeful placement of those more prominent brick pieces!


  1. Lucky - Atlas is a tad grumpy but I really enjoy how the brightest point of this one is that pink flower and then those mischievous eyes tucked right behind it
  2. Olivier - Delilah is so soft and says her brother is so handsome *meanwhile drools over the font*
  3. Noah - Mavis:

    I really like how nice that white writing looks. I never think to use white on pale backgrounds like that but big fan
  4. Nem 1.0 - okay but...can we talk about the symbolism of the background and how Nem is the divide between the white and black? Can we please?
  5. Nem 2.0 - the cropping job I would have been so tempted to put text or SOMETHING there (I have this thing with negative space and not knowing how to utilize it ) but this is so effective
  6. Kaiser 1.0 - someone in my head is very pleased with the warm tones of this one also something about his dark shirt and then that dark sharp line on the wall is really striking. All about the crop
  7. Kaiser 2.0 - again, all about that crop also the subtle green undertones with that rocky road beside him...I SEE YOU
  8. Ezekiel - this looks like a Victorian postcard thing. Love the aesthetic
  9. Kamran - love this one too (quelle surprise, as you would say) and the color balance is just so nice

Nope. Nope nope nope nope NOPE. I remember this scene and wondered HOW IN THE WORLD THIS WAS FUNNY BECAUSE IT IS HORRIFYING

Benjee was about to get petty until he saw the lollipop and then went "oh wait I don't like those, it's okay" ... cause, you know, maturity is a thing. But love the vibrancy of this one very very much

....the audacity...AGAIN *clears throat*
  1. Rachelle - ugh this is so pretty. I'm soft *we play sometime, yes*
  2. Brandon 1.0 - UGH.. THE SOFT GLOW OF THE COLORS. Love the feel of this one. Fits him so perfectly.
  3. Brandon 2.0 - Speaking of COLORS...Benjee has comments about that jacket
  4. Toby - I get so emo seeing his face up and remembering where he came from ugh, I am soft and I still remember Paige finding him in the common room bare chested and covered in glitter but really like the colors on this one and it is just SO WARM and welcoming, just like Sir Toby
  5. Jake - look at Jake looking all suave. I also really like the use of all lower case lettering. I don't know what it is but I just love that aesthetic and it is well used here

  1. Ezra - again with the white text on pale backgrounds, beautiful. This one really links nicely to one of the Nem ones I have seen and ugh, Upstead aesthetic
  2. Theo - ugh, that smile. Love the coloring on this, subtle hints at kind of a rainbow like the other siggy of him and what a cute little linky link. Needless to say, Cooper is also a fan #bromance
  3. Cohen - Darius has things to say...but I will not let him because he (and they) are deplorable. I love the text layout here and how it all makes a nice box inside of the box overlay. I also really like the grainy quality to it? I am not sure if that is from the original image or a texture overlay, but I like the choice either way.
  4. Jordan - N3RD. Okay but the saturation on this one is so nice. Drowning in those baby blues - just James almost drowned being thrown over the side of the ship
  5. Dragomir - Zinnia is so soft and adores her bestie's silly face. Love the coloring on this one too. So soft and blue and so very him
  6. Daxton - *only slightly emotional* the black and white and this whole family tree with the black and white THE SYMBOLISM

Quidditch manips *shudders* Rose used to lament about these and they are SO TRICKY...but you did a very nice job on this one and changing the color of those Gryffindor robes. It is truly an art

This is so pretty. I love the darkness and the fade out to the wings and the shading and the TIPS OF THE WINGS ARE JUST SO DELICATE AND CUTE!

I, sadly, do not get the reference but I think this adorable and gives me Nightmare Before Christmas vibes.

Ugh. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. HOW DARE YOU UNLEASH ALL THIS EMO ON ME?! but please don't stop I first met Kaiser during one of his transitional phases...but I have still seen so much growth though our time playing him with Candela and ugh I am so emo. Also...YOU DREW A HAND AND IT CAME OUT SO NICE AND WOW I'M SHOOK

Ugh, manips. Love the work you do with swapping out ties and so nice to see you finding your way with color adusting. It is so tricky but this looks really nice and love the addition of of the Ravenclaw common room (also how dare you again with the emo? Sadie is soft)

I loooooooooooove this one. Also happy texture accidents are both awesome and infuriating. But this is just so amazing Also major props on Pax's hair cause that can be such a NIGHTMARE

yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me!

I accept trophy carrying as canon for the Department of Mysteries moving forward *bangs gavel* also, I get some major Lord of the Rings/Barad-dŻr vibes from the aesthetic and I love that. Also think the words in there swirling around like smoke is a cute little twist.

Ugh...I am obsessed with the pen strokes in this one and how they really give off the illusion of feathers! I've never really done a piece in full on liner before, but seeing all your ink work makes me want to try...but scary o.o

AND FINALLY! Congratulations on completing your 30 days challenge!

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