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Rosemary had, in fact, let herself get swept up with some of the crowd in order to make her way to the table holding the delectable smelling goods. She was not shy in helping herself to a plate with a taste of everything on it, intending on trying all there was to offer. She tried to eat it as politely as possible, but sushi was still something she hadn't gotten the hang of eating gracefully even with as often as she tried to.

She'd just managed to quickly shove a rather large bite into her mouth when she heard her name sung out and turned her head towards the box when it did. Oh? Had she won something then? She hadn't been listening intently enough to know what but...

Well the spoiled in her already was wondering what she'd do with whatever it was when usually she just purchased what she needed. Maybe it'd be a good gift for later. Maybe it'd even be something that August would like. Though, not that Uncle Charlie didn't take care of whatever Auggie wanted too.

Either way, she'd smile gratefully and figure out the rest out later.

Though the grateful smile looked much more like a grimace with the large bite of sushi still in her mouth.

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