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SPOILER!!: Fiona! <3
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona had been procrastinating about sending an owl to her parents for fear that they would want nothing to do with their daughter. She really wanted to extend an olive branch of some sort to them. Finally, Fiona had mustered up the courage and had headed for the Owlery.

The Snakette's eyes fell upon her best friend, Claudine and so she made her way over to her. "Claudine!" Fiona greeted in a soft voice as she didn't want to spook any owls.

Claudine heard someone come in shortly after her but since she still didn’t care for the majority of humans on this planet, she didn’t spare a glance around. Not until her name was called, that is. It was a voice she recognised in a heartbeat. “Hi, Fiona.” Claudine grinned. “Fancy meeting you here.’’ It was just a light jibe. She and Fiona saw each other each day, not just because they attended Hogwarts but because they shared a dorm. Over the years, Fiona had become a close friend of Claudine’s.

“Sending a letter home?” Her attention went back to the owls, though half of it remained on her fellow seventh year. Oh. There was a tawny owl who seemed interested in a job. She began to gently and softly coax it down to her outstretched arm.
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