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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Really, the Moontrimmer was perfectly safe (they wouldn't have it here if it wasn't), but flying was inherently risky. A moment's distraction could end in disaster, except perhaps on a toy broom that was only inches off the ground.

She nodded, agreeable to Lucas's request. "That's fine, you're welcome to have whatever sort of fun you like," she said. Whether that be the ropes course or helping people ride a broom...whichever.

Was this a date? It was a good thing he wasn't eating or drinking, because the suddenness and directness of that question would have caused him to spit anything out. As it was, he looked at Brody, giving a cautious smile. " want it to be a date?" he asked. He hoped so. But he had been purposefully avoid embarrassment to either of them. Clearly that had backfired, because now he was feeling very self-conscious.

The Moontrimmer hadn't been one of the two options, but Gabriel was adaptable. He knew how to fly. He had to, with his family being...his family. "I'm not scared," he added, smile growing slightly as he turned towards the broom stuff.


Brody could be direct like that. And he was in the mood to be like that because for the most parts, he couldn’t figure Gabriel out. Sometimes the younger man felt that he was reading Gabriel all wrong, sometimes he felt as though there wasn’t any reading to be done because Gabriel could be so… closed off? Brody surely didn’t know if it were any trauma that made the junior Auror this way, or if it simply had to do with Gabriel’s personality, but either way, it frustrated him a bit. “It’s not proper to answer a question with a question.” Brody found himself wishing that he had worn his shades, despite there being no need for them in weather like this, so that he could hide his eyes and roll them. He sighed mentally. Maybe Gabriel didn’t think of this as a date and was just replying with a question to avoid making him feel bad.

“Then let’s go,” Brody said, enthusiasm in each syllable of his words because… HELLO, NEW BROOM. The Coordinator led the way over to Lucas and Peggy. “Hi, Lucas. Ms. Laplace, you look lovely as always.” Brody gave his Uncle's boss a charming smile, not the one he used when flirting, but charming nonetheless. “We’d like to have a go on the Moontrimmer.” At that point, he turned his gaze on Gabriel. “You first or… ?”
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