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SPOILER!!: bloop
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Wow. The prophecy one.

Also... those manips are unbelievably crisp.

*holds for the last one*
thank you I never know how the manips will come out cause my screen tells me graphics are fuzzier than they really are and it drives me round the twist so. yes. glad.

thank u for holding, ur call is very important to us

Originally Posted by Spookiella View Post
Those manips are beautiful! I could never! Manips are not my forte at all and I am just amazed at people that can do them so seamlessly. Great job lovely!

That skull and crossbones is awesome! And I love the Prophecy as well! I like the stand that you created for it. So unique and so cool to see inside your imagination!

Can't wait for you last prompt!!!
thank you so much ;; I really enjoy manips when they go well, i find them sort of relaxing to go through all the steps. but when they don't behave I despair.

aaa u are too kind :3

Originally Posted by Frankenstern View Post
I don't think I ever realized how perfectly twin-like Pax and Nem look until this manip. Woof, gorgeousness and good casting picks and all that.

And your skull is grinning at me. I hate it.

AND THE WRITING ON THE PROPHECY ORB IS BEAUTIFUL. I never pictured it like this but now I can never un-see it. It's so great.

when we first decided on FCs I put two pictures of them side by side and it was uncanny and a lil spooky cause I don't think we deliberately coordinated from the start, and they just made so much sense for the twins. I love when other people see it too ;;

you're so welcome!!! new friend

and. and and tHANK YOU for that I just let my hand do it's weird flaily spider handwriting and added some extra spider, seemed fitting for a prophecy somehow. I don't know why 10 y/o me thought the prophecy had its own trophy stand/handle for convenient wielding when it literally says that nowhere, but. anyways. I'm glad you like it thank you ;; and for all the kind words ;;;;;

i DiD iT I dID iT WOO

day thirty:

__________daxton prince
__________luna lovegood #20
SPOILER!!: day 30 - perceptive

A6 paper, mechanical pencil (0.3), black fineliner (0.1, 0.03)

corvids are perceptive, right??? ravens and crows. I think this is a raven. I should know, because I found the reference image, but I don't. I want to say the ref, at least, was a raven. also I definitely drew this for a prompt that turned out not to exist and I'm not sure how I convinced myself it did. so... corvids are perceptive, right?????

regardless, this is daxton's prompt. he's v perceptive, and a crow or a raven would likely have been his patronus if he could cast one, which brings us here. that was similar to the original line of thinking in any case.

I'm actually pretty happy with this one, though I definitely gave up before I was finished with the feathers so it's looking half-magpie, when really those feathers are a kind of shiny blue (and not as light as this in tone). but those lines were taking forever and my pen started to give up on me and I have things tO DO and the piece works like this so here we are.


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