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Did he really want a straight answer to these queries? If so, she would be more than willing to offer them should he ask. She was usually willing to offer him her unfiltered opinion, particularly because he seemed to be able to handle it. It was not a trait that all possessed.

Glancing at the flesh eater tucked beneath her arm, she arched a pale brow in his direction. Had she been aware that this was a date? Absolutely not, though he was perhaps being a bit cheeky with her. Humor, his particular flavor of it, was something she was growing to understand and become more palatable. "I will do my best to ensure you do not feel like the third wheel," she jested in return, her lips curling into a small smirk as she swatted away one of the little spikey vines that reached out towards his cheek. The vine retreated and her hand remained lingering in the air for a moment before she decided to lightly drag a nail down his cheek and then it too retreated away.

Checking that the muzzle was still securely in place, Valerie returned her attention to her 'date' and nodded curtly. "Alright." And does just that, tucking her little friend on the ground with her feet as a barrier between it and Theodore.

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