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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
After giving up on his failed flirting experiment, he'd started paying far less attention to who was in the library and seated at Study Tables when he started coming around. Which was probably how he had not noticed Daniel sitting there when he came in, though hearing his voice addressing him certainly got Evan's attention.

Looking up and over, he held his book up a little more so the Hufflepuff could see. "Really just doodling to try to come up with some type of design to use for more Tattoo Charm practice. Have you played around with that spell more?" Or had Daniel had similar viewpoint to V on all tattoos were awful? Seemed unlikely on that though, given Lisa seemed to say there was not much in common between the Slytherin and Hufflepuff. "What're you working on? Homework or independent research?"
Balancing on the two back chair legs, Daniel's dark brown eyes stared at the book with doodles that Evan held up. "I haven't" he answered as he held out a hand to grip the table in front of him and sat back upright again. "I've only practiced it for homework but not for my own leisure. I have other spells that I want to learn that I find more important" he gestured towards the two Transfiguration textbooks on his desk. One for his second year but the other was a third year book. The latter book had been picked up out of curiosity. "And I can't draw anyway" he shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't against tattoo's though, like a certain cryba--Slytherin was. He went back to balancing the chair on two legs. "Do you want a tattoo?" he asked, looking at him as if assessing if he'd be the type to be covered in tattoo's. He did not think so. Maybe one?

"I did my homework first of course. And then I wanted to practice some wand movements" he answered when asked what he had been doing. "And I've been reading about switching spells" he added.
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