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SPOILER!!: Chloe
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
She couldn't help but laugh as well, it all seemed crazy when talked about, plus she couldn't believe how mad she had been and now she couldn't see life without them. Her youngest siblings were great. "That is a good thing, I don't think my mom could handle that kind of stuff." She tried to think about who was the most dramatic with her siblings and honestly it wasn't Gunner, maybe herself, though she truly felt it was Morgan.

"I think Morgan is probably the most dramatic of all of us, but it could be just that he is more social." She felt she was social, but he out did her with friends and places to be. "I think traveling would be the best, I try to travel during the off season, but I typically end up just going to Brazil to visit family." She should try to go other places, but her trips to Brazil were always fun. No, girlfriend was shocking if Chloe was thinking about it, someone as sweet and cute as him she figured would have been taken. "I can get tickets anytime I want so just let me know which game and I'll get it for you. Maybe we could even do dinner after or something." Especially if they won she would be willing to go out and celebrate.

"I really couldn't see my dad doing anything else, he has always been into plants, even invented one while he was still at Hogwarts." Her pride in her dad really showed through as she spoke about him, she would always be a daddy's girl. "I don't know, I haven't really thought that far, but probably sports medicine since I see and deal with so many injuries every season." Not sure why she even looked at her watch when he said time, she had the entire day, "I'm all free, so I'd love to help."

Talking about her siblings brought another question to his mind, and while he vaguely remembered at least Gunnar and Morgan's names, he realized he didn't know what they had gone on to do. Or, well, in Morgan's case what they would be doing. "Where did Gunnar end up after school? And does your younger brother know what he wants to do after graduation?" Which always seemed to come sooner than one imagined it would.

"And are you the calmer of the McCarthy's?" He didn't really remember hearing of any drama surrounding her - but he also actively tried to stay uninvolved in all drama so long as it was not something he'd need to stand up for his sister for. So if Chloe had had any type of drama or anything surrounding her, odds were he would not have heard or noticed. Despite having liked his dorm mates, he never even got involved or questioned about any of their on goings. Probably a large reason why he hadn't had many lasting relationships after graduation. "Being social certainly can bring it's complications. Seems to come with more pros than anything though." Which at least there was that. "If you could pick somewhere to go outside of seeing family, where would you want to travel to?"

Tickets to one of her games and dinner after? It would certainly be really nice to get to catch up more and see her successes - so both of these ideas sounded good to him. "That sounds like fun! But if you're giving me free tickets, I insist on covering dinner. Deal?" He grinned at her, before pulling out his pocket calendar. "I also have most weekends free. So just give me a date for a weekend game and I'll be there."

Wait. Did she say her dad invented a plant??? How COOL was that? Gray couldn't help the slight widening to his eyes as he looked interested. "Really? Do you remember the name of the plant?" It was something he'd love to look into as well, just for the sake of interest. "Sports medicine would make sense. Gets to combine your caring and compassionate nature with your love of the sport in a great way." Though he supposed it didn't necessarily mean she'd deal with Quidditch related injuries alone. He was incredibly grateful at the agreement of help, and the large relieved smile properly was the best conveying of that. "Oh you're certainly saving me. My sister likes to repurpose old items and turn them into something new but... I have no idea what has beauty in it when it's an object." He'd gifted a few rather hideous shirts that she had been non too pleased about.

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