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"It is more hygienic for homes," Tabby agreed when the girl shared that she did not wear shoes at home. For shops though, the floor was much more likely to contaminate socks than the other way round no matter how often it was cleaned because of the number of customers (wearing dirty shoes) entering and exiting all day. She, of course, decided against mentioning this, since she had already permitted the boy to be shoeless in the shop anyway. Tab gave shoeless boy's reasonable response some thought while sweeping up the big mirror pieces and looked up when she had finished. "What about, when the force exerted is greater than gravity plus the force needed for one to release their fingers from the object?" If she could measure these, it could become something she used to decide whether customers were dropping or throwing mirrors, yeah?

The shopkeeper set the broom aside and with her wand, stopped the dustpan from gobbling up the mirror pieces. It tended to do that with dust and other waste, but she had plans to reuse the pieces. "Yes, please. And if the two of you had been searching for a specific mirror, I can help you find what you need when that's done," she nodded at the girl, softening up again upon seeing her innocent eyes. She was also, again, irritated by clever boy. "Rose is right. But Reparo does not work on objects that contain complex magic, like our enchanted mirrors. Also, the talking ones really don't like it when they are broken and mended again ... that's why in Janus Galloglass anything you break, you buy."
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