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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
He was reaching for a rice cake when Damian shoved a paper towards him. He pulled his glove off with his teeth and then flipped the paperwork open. He glanced it over and then chuckled as he tucked it into a pocket. ”Glad you’re back - wait wendigo?” he wasn’t sure he was familiar with that term.

He gave Jane a big smile. ”It was no problem.” It had been a huge problem. Conley hated hospitals and it had been extremely hard to force himself to go to one, but he had very few friends and he considered Jane one of them. So of course he went. ”You’re back at work though now right? Tea- we need to have tea in my off-”

And then an arm was slipping through his. He might not have known what was going on, but his body certainly did because his arm moved to let Sachin’s link through his and then clamped down as if it was afraid Sachin was going to disappear on him. His head turned to look at Sachin then turned back to Jane only to snap back to Sachin. ”What are you doing here?” To someone else nearby, Conley might have sounded upset, but Sachin would likely know better. Internally his heart was leaping and jumping and so so happy to see him. It was clear from the sparkle in Elian’s eyes as he looked at his husband. ”You should be in bed mon amour,” he protested as he leaned in anyways and gave Sachin a happy kiss.
Jane looked curiously at the papers her colleague, Damian, had slipped to Conley, wondering what that was about, as she moved on to a cup of green tea. "Yes, I'm back, at least part-time, though I'm afraid it will take me a bit of time to get my experiments back to where I had them...before. And tea in your office would be nice--actually, I don't think I'll be in the mood to have tea anywhere alone in the Ministry for quite a while." Jane smiled again as Sachin came up, though she was surprised at Conley's reaction. Was Sachin also unwell? Jane hoped it was nothing serious, but didn't ask questions in such a public gathering.

Taking the opportunity, while the two men were preoccupied with each other, she leaned over to Damian and murmured, "I want to talk to you about a few things...later. Not here, in the Chamber." Jane wanted to find out what had happened while she was in hospital, and she also felt she needed to tell someone the few things she could remember about her attack. The Ministry officials who'd questioned her about it later seemed to disregard it all as fever dreams, but Jane thought some of it might be useful, to the right people. And Damian was undoubtedly one of those people.
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