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SPOILER!!: bloop
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
I love the whiskers on the ferret! And everything else about it but especially the whiskers. Theyíre so cute.
thank you! I actually forgot to put the whiskers in and only realised when I went to resize it and had to go back and add them. and then did exactly the same thing just now.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post now YOU are literally so rude because...WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN HERE??

Mavis won't let me not comment on those opera glasses because, well, obvy. But those are stunning and I am once again YELLING at you with your line work. YELLING. had to go and make entirely too many people in my head LOUD with your Gryffindor set of siggies and like, honestly, the audacity. we GO with THAT:

Sadie is being all loud about her best friend's hair and how the fancy font kind of matches with his muscles and then is staring at his muscles and mad at him for being distracting

That first Spencer one got Darius being and at the font. Josh wondering what it is he said to warrant the face. Like the coloring on the second one...which has Noah being a little freaked out and intimated, like usual

Candela is all chirpy over best friend and COLORFUL BACKGROUND, which is obviously a collaborative art project she also says to maybe knock off the 'aspiring' because he already is an actor.

Josh flatlined at his STUNNING girlfriend...and I would like to know what that font it. Please and thank you.

And oh look...Josh chiming in with Abra looking like a STUD and rockin' that pink (I now imagine them duetting in pink some day) and Derf is blushing and smiley and just gushy....and I just adore the coloring on this one. That pink from his lips carrying over to the shirt and then fading into the text

*slaps a band aid over your feelings because is about to yell again* literally HATE you for the pun. I hate it here. Hate it

BUT NOW HERE COMES THE REAL YELLING BECAUSE OUR BOYS ;_________; always a fan of your manip skills (and ugh I am just so impressed about the ties on this one) and this one just really hits me square in the feels. Ugh, I just love the unexpected bromance between Theo and Cooper and the theme for this manip has me SO EMO I literally CaNNoT.

That ferret is SO stinking cute. I just wanna squish and cuddle it. The pencil strokes make it feel so soft and I think it works great not in ink, honestly. The little beady eyes are just perfection.

Also, Brandon

cat slinky though
thank you for noticing

I'm happy to know I can continue to cause problems for you just by virtue of waking my own characters up, which, tbh, is half your own fault too. I should continue this trend indefinitely.

OKAY SO THAT FONT. uh. uhhhhhhh. wonder if I saved the .psd of that hm. *fifteen seconds later* I DID. bless. it's called kadung tresno, you font fiend you. also, that happens to be arthur's signature font. now go revive josh pls and thanks, too many of mine are invested in him.

I can't (read: can) believe you just size-seven'd at me. BUT I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT, I gotta do another when I'm not so pressed for time. weirdest bros.

also also. also also also. I got another for you to squish coming right up. but also (again), I do get that it works in pencil, which is partly why I left it, bUT IDK I just really like doing things in pen even if it would technically make more sense in another medium. pencil also just seems too temporary to me even if i was to spray it with hairspray fixative, and ~wispy~, and I do like making art in pencil, but prefer pen. listen. i'm picky.

also I think if I could make something look soft and squishy in something as potentially harsh and unforgiving as ink, idk. what a rush that would be. but given my propensity to mess up on the very first pen stroke, I haven't risked it yet. maybe when I have more time (except i never seem to get anything done without a 'deadline' so uh)

ANYWAY thank you for all the emo and the kind words

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
The ferret is perfection and you need to be NICER to the poor little slinky kitten. He's doing his BEST, gosh. Rude.

Your radish, though, that makes me weep. The coloring and shading, and the little bald-headed dudes in the cartoon. So good.
I am nice!!! I'm lovely to it. this is as nice as I can get, I'm afraid. it's a sickness, and a love language also.

you're over here channelling ariana over this radish. I do love your brain. ThAnK yOU

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
though I will not give you the satisfaction of laughing at your jokes, I guess, like, objectively speaking, oR wHaTeVeR, this radish joke is very funny. i gUESS. I guess. Itís a DECENT jokes. maybe. if I were to be speaking objectively, of course. but also iím kind of mad about how perfect this little and big radish are. and by kind of, i mean really. iím really mad about it. i am especially mad about how good you are at coloring them in and keeping the colors so nice and even throughout. ugh. how very dare you.

this mania is actually beautiful. and your emo explanation is also nice i guess!!!! okay, but fr, iím very impressed by how well you manip and how seamless they always look. also why is theo so pretty. who allowed for this!!!! also am not surprised to hear that you did the most for the cooper side. not surprised even a single bit.

i am in love with this ferret and i would like to keep.

ugh. itís little ears and itís little round eyes and itís NOSE. and those whiskers. how you got itís fur to be so nice and sharp and the darker part and then the lighter part and then the darker part again. I really donít know how you do it but i am obsessed. and i love. and i would like to keep. and i just. ugh. ugh. sweetest baby. i need.
I'll make a note here that you find my jokes hilarious always, and I'm happy to make you mad always uwu

mania omg pls. thank u or whatever i guess but pls!!! also theo says his looks are more or less all he has going for him which is why he takes such good care of his appearance (oof). and yea, that cooper is a real problem child

okay but listen. listen. regarding the ferret. regarding any shading. i don't know either. a lot of the time I just hope for the best and often it does not work in my favour but pencil is a little more forgiving in that sense. anyway, u may adopt this ferret if you can solve my riddles three-

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Ferret bby is perfection and makes me think of Williamson & CoMC lessons
hehe, thank you. and you're RIGHT omg jarvey vibes~

Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
O. M. G........i need the ferret bby IT'S SO CUTE

And it's beautiful. I think it's perfect as it is. No more no less. You did great my love
thank you so much :3 I might retry it in ink anyway one day just to see, except I probably won't ever get around to it but I'm glad you like!!!

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Felix!!! Your art is a dream! I am in awe of every single thing you have posted. Disclaimer - the ferret looks PERFECT on screen. The rad-ish piece made me giggle, such a great concept. so much detail on each of them, I am in love. I want to compliment you all day. LOVE THE SPECTRESPECS.

& I have to mention your day 1 piece. *______* absolutely stunning!!!
omg you are too kind I'm glad you enjoyed my terrible radish joke too lmdskds

but anyway thank you so much!! feel like I really did peak with that dragon but hoping to try and draw one more prompt similar to the first by the time I wrap up here. and if I don't have time I might just do that for fun elsewhere

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
That ferret (jarvey) is some gorgeous photorealism, you know that, right?
thank u for saying that T___T as with most of these I seem to like it better when I've not looked at the reference image for a while. <3

day fourteen:

__________tobias fuller-thompson
__________neville longbottom #5
SPOILER!!: day 14 - spring

A6 paper, mechanical pencil (0.3), black fineliner (I forgot already)

I know what the prompt was referring to but toby was too loud to ignore. that boy was bouncier than any character I've ever played. so he gets a spring. his favourite season is also spring so it works.

anyway I didn't learn my lesson from the spectrespecs and quelle surprise I really don't like this one at all so let's bounce swiftly along

I'm very much playing catch up now so we'll see how well this goes

aiming to post staggered updates in batches of three

i wanna stand up, i wanna let go _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____.

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