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Default Lucas and Aurora and Teddy and Minji and Brody?
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"Nothing that proper attire and some heating harms can't handle," Peggy quipped when her Quidditch Division Manager appeared next to her. She smiled, pleased he thought everyone would be interested in the Moontrimmer Supreme. It was easy to lose perspective when most of those she interacted with were big sport fans, so she never really knew what the general public thought. "I hope everyone appreciates it," she said, looking around to see others she knew arriving. Games and Sports employees, mostly, for people she recognized. While there were some familiar faces from ministry orientations past, she did not know many outside her level by name.

Okay, maybe a few. She did try to remember names.

"Hello, Aurora," she greeted her friend brightly. "Like any broom, I think its safety depends on the skill of the rider more than the age." There were certainly young witches and wizards who were far better on a broom than some adults. And she couldn't recall if Aurora's daughter was a more skilled rider or a beginner. She gave Teddy a warm smile but did not say anything specific, she was growing more focused on people test riding the broom. She had to ensure everyone's safety, after all.

Peggy smiled brightly as one of her department's newest employees approached. "Minji, hello," she said. "I think everything is under control..." Though she definitely appreciated her eagerness to help. She hadn't been around long, but Peggy could tell the recreational broom sports officer was hard-working. "Please, try out the ropes course or the food. You deserve some fun!" Or the raffle, too, she suppposed. She was assuming that Minji would not care to test ride the broom again, but she wouldn't turn her away either. She gave a look to Lucas as well, ensuring he knew he could go try out the ropes course or the food if he wanted a break.


Three years ago, Gabriel would have absolutely hated this. The cold weather, the casual nature yet still a work event. Today, though, he was looking forward to it. He'd learned how to dress for the weather (and improved his heating charms) and today had a warm beanie on his head to keep warm. Plus, he didn't feel so overwhelmed with the unstructured aspect of it.

Plus, Brody was here. If the activities were a flop, at least he could talk to his friend.

He glanced around, taking a raffle ticket as they arrived and taking it all in. "What do you think, Brody?" he asked. "Food or that adventure course first?"
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