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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Ash tried to ignore Kinsay looking at her. It had been well documented that they just made each other feel horrible, and Ash didn’t know how to fix it(was there even a way?). It wouldn’t be fixed by a change of seating. So... she focused on the lesson and pretended that Kinsay James was somewhere else. Or tried to.

“Adding onto what Atlas said,- another person who didn’t like her - “If you add sugar, the potion won’t work, I think. So werewolves just have to deal with the nasty taste.” If they could afford it. If they had a place to get it. That was kind of sad to think about, especially when she thought about her werewolf friends. She didn’t like it when her friends(or people in general, excluding pureblood supremacists) suffered in any way.

She tapped her fingers on the desk, then raised her hand. “What did werewolves do before the potion was invented... or what if they can’t get it?” Or were allergic to the ingredients? Were there organizations that have werewolves these things for free? Ash had questions.
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