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It helped her mood some that the kids seemed excited about the topic at hand and Neva found herself relaxing as she listened to their answers. It was good news too considering class was always more enjoyable when Professor P was in a good mood.

SPOILER!!: Individual Replies
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It was one of her habits to watch the other students pile into the classrooms. For this lesson it was no different. That was why she was able to note Noah’s nod and she sent him an inclination of her head in response. For a moment she tuned out everyone around her as her thoughts got creative: would the vines come alive and try to strangle them? Who knew? Claudine came back around as Heath joined her and Ashley. “Hi, you. Vines didn’t get the best of you then.”

It came as no surprise that Peralta addressed the vine situation first. How it was that they would work around said vines though, was a mystery to the Snakette. The darn things were right there. And there. And everywhere. Anyway. Today’s topic made her perk up. Graffiti was indeed art. Claudine’s hand went up. “Graffiti is drawings… or even words… which have been etched in a public space or surface.” Of course she could delve into how it was made and with what but there were others who could volunteer those, right?
Short, sweet, and to the point. Miss Blaze often answered this way and Neva appreciated it. "I'm glad you pointed out that graffiti is represented not only through drawings, but also words. The public setting is important, too. Good."
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe nudged the nearest vine with her toe and made faces at it. Go a-WAY, okay? Tripping hazard!

Her attention was snagged by the professor, and Phoebe's hand shot in the air. "Uh. Graffiti is often considered criminal, since people typically don't ask permission before creating their art on a surface that belongs to someone else. But it's... a very cool art from."
Another good point. "Graffiti can be considered illegal, yes. It can also be done with permission, which results in some really beautiful pieces in neighborhoods all over." She looked around before offering Phoebe a smile. "I think it's cool, too."
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
...Graffiti? Professor Peralta's lessons this term were genuinely the best. He didn't think she could top the last tattoo lesson, but graffiti was a very strong start. He'd raised his hand, planning on mentioning the fact it was illegal, but the seventh year Gryffindor covered that so instead when it was his turn to speak, he offered more about the process. "Graffiti can be found.. pretty much anywhere. It's usually created with spray paint, and it can be down free hand or some artists actually create their own stencils to mass produce."
Neva was always pleasantly surprised with how much the kids knew about art and she nodded her head in approval of Mr. Nam's answer. "Very good, yes." She should probably be updating the board with all this, yes? She knew not everyone kept up witht their notes as information was shared, so she supposed she'd make it easier for them.
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Though magic was a weak point all together, Kinsay was really enjoying their Charms lessons this year. She didn't always practice the spells in class, but she always made a point to practice them afterwards on her own. Especially the art ones. And before anyone made any sort of accusations about biases and favoritism, Professor P was already Kinsay's favorite professor way before they started to have lessons about charms as an art medium. So. The favoritism was pre-established, which, in turn, made it okay!

Keeping her head down on her desk, Kins only turned to return Val's smile with a small one of her own, but otherwise kept her gaze centered towards the front of the room and waited quietly for class to begin.


As much as Kins was trying not to be too excitable, she still perked up. But to keep herself from looking too eager, she waited for a couple others to share their answers first before slowly raising her own hand. Casually. And NOT like she was bursting at the seams with things she wanted to say. Never again. That was old Kinsay. "Lots of people just think of one thing when they think of Graffiti, but there's actually lots of different styles like there is with other kinds of art." She paused thoughtfully, tilting her head. "I like graffiti, it's good for making statements because it's accessible to everyone - you don't have to go to a fancy museum to see it." But she liked fancy museum art too, to be fair.

She also had a question to ask. But. She opted not to ask it.
"This is an excellent point, Miss James. Graffiti does have different styles like tagging, which is really making a mark, design, or the name of the artist somewhere." She smiled a little. "And one of the things I like best about graffiti is that it's art that can be seen free of charge in the most unexpected of places."
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Just before the lesson started, Noah returned Claudine's gesture with a grin, and another 'sup nod towards his U17 teammate Darius. That's right, the cool kids parked at the back where everything could be seen...or taken hostage first by the vines, should it decide to launch an attack from the walls. The Gryffindor also took note of his sister, Scarlett, as she went on to trample on the vines. For someone who loved Herbology, perhaps he ought to revisit the magnanimity of the situation. It took a lot for Scarlett to be mad, and Noah was certain that things just may be getting out of hand. It wasn't convenient that he no longer took Herbology for his NEWT levels, so he was pretty much missing out on the happenings back at the school grounds. Except for the training area, pitch, and boathouse, of course.

Now, what about Graffiti? Noah nodded as he agreed with Kinsay's answer, raising his hand to offer his answer. "To me, Graffiti is a misunderstood art form as it is a form of vandalism. It does get a bad reputation, because the majority of these expressions are vulgar. Like what Kinsay said, it's to make a statement, but not all statements are bad, in my opinion." which makes Graffiti an art form, nonetheless.
"I agree. While some graffiti can be done for shock value or out of rebellion, lots of pieces make a statement in hopes of getting people to think about a particular issue that's important and needs to be recognized."
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As LONG as the vine didn't continue to grow while she was SITTING THERE, Scarlett would ignore it for now. She was still kicking it under the desk just to make a point, though. Be gone, pesky thing, be GOOONNNEEEEE.

Right, spell. Wait, no, graffiti first. Cool, they'd be learning a Graffiti spell that day!? Useful. Scarlett was looking forward to it ALREADY.

What did she know about graffiti? Not much more than what it had already been mentioned. And WHERE could it be found? "Street walls. Fences. Even small rocks, OH, and pebbles." Kay, not really, but WELL, she bet it could be done. She'd be up for graffiti-ing on little pebbles, it sounded FUN.

SPRAY PAINT was, like, the COOLEST THING EVER and Scarlett was REEEEEALLY hoping the spell they'd learn that day would mimic it. THAT WOULD BE SO GRAND and she would SPRAY PAINT THAT SILLY VINE ALL OVER THE PLACE, you just watch her.
Neva fought a smile, amused. "Good list, Miss Mordaunt. All of those canvases could work, though a little pebble might be difficult to use spray paint on. I imagine you'd get items around the pebble painted, too."
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Another art related lesson. Not that valentina didn't like art - she really didn't know much about it - but she somewhat knew what graffiti was but some of her classmates had already answered before she got the chance to and she didn't want to just repeat what they had said.

The blonde couldn't think of anything new that she could add so she chose to remain quiet, waiting for the lesson to move on. Oh, well.
Miss Nichols was usually one to offer up her ideas, so Neva was a little suprised she'd remained quiet. She offered the Gryffindor an encouraging smile, hoping she'd weigh in on the next question.
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
She had entered the classroom, minded the vine (that was permanently trying to trip her and everyone else), and greeted the Professor. As she got settled in, she kept her gaze on the vine. The vines were not in Noah’s survival guide to Hogwarts that she had knicked from his flat when they had helped him move in for Uni. So now it was her duty to update said book and figure out the cause of the vines! Maybe she’d treat it like an experiment.

Lisa was really really really tempted to poke the vine that was in her way but she decided NOT to do THAT cause she didn’t want to upset it. What if it reacted like the WHOMPING WILLOW? Now that wouldn’t be good at all. She’d be crushed and SMASHED! Yeah, she was planning to… y’know… at least get to age sixteen before getting crushed like that. That left enough time for the important things like… more knowledge, world domination, cute bous with the swooshy hair, stolen kisses and cuddles, more time with Pascal…. Her own internal monologue made her pause and tilt her head to the right at a certain comment. Weird. She shuddered and focused herself on the lesson.

Graffiti. That’s what they were talking about. She listened to her peers before raising her hand, waving it a little with excitement until she was called on. Graffiti consisted of words and symbols so maybe it was like a language?. “Graffiti is multi-coloured and uses words, symbols, and pictures.i think Graffiti could be a form of communication - like a secret language.” The wheels in the Ravenclaw’s mind began turning and her voice became more excited and LOUDER! “Imagine if you were able to have a secret language thats images or symbols. You could easily leave a message for a friend without having to purchase invisible ink!

Graffiti could be an interesting idea…. Not that she was going to y’know…. But then again, she could say that it was for “educational purposes”
This one had quite the imagination and the charms professor was here for it. "Art in itself is a form of communication, I think. And it would be pretty awesome to be able to leave a secret message for a friend to find somewhere in the city. Something only the two of you could understand."
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash nodded in acknowledgment of Heath and Claudine. "These vines are pretty annoying. I caught my foot in one and it didn't go well for me OR the plant." She laughed.

Graffiti, huh? Ash loved graffiti, mostly because of the face that it was often illegal. "Sometimes people try and graffiti my house. But Father always catches them." She paused for a bit, then continued. "I would kind of like to see what they were going to make." But she didn't. So that was that.

"It's sometimes a type of rebellion." Ash was a fan of rebellion. If she thought she could get away with spray painting stuff around the castle, she probably would.

"I am sorry to hear that. Houses are not the canvases I'd hope artists would choose to use." She frowned slightly, and then considered Miss Fox's next statement. "Yes, that's true. The nature of graffiti is that it is done with no rules to limit one's expression."That in itself is a little rebellious in a world that relies on rules to function.

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet was very sure by now that the vines were probably much more than just a nuisance, but, since class was starting soon after she arrived, she didn't see that she could do much more at the moment than pick a seat as far away from them as possible.

So--graffiti. Violet had known about the spray paint herself--she'd actually seen some boys using it in the ratty Muggle neighborhood her father had been living in that year she visited him in New York. did wizards make graffiti? Did they make it? Of course, they must--in fact, she'd read in the paper about some Neo-Alliance graffiti incidents in Diagon Alley a few years ago. That thought sent a chill to her stomach, so she returned her mind to the class.''

"Trains," Violet volunteered. "People spray graffiti and artwork on the cars of trains, and then you can look at it while you're having to wait at a crossing." Violet had actually thought it was rather nice to have something to do while waiting for a train to go by, and remembered that some of the train graffiti she'd seen was pretty good. "Professor," she added, "I know about spray paint and such, but are there spells to create graffiti?"
"This is true, yes. I've seen several train cars wearing someone's graffiti." And here came the smile. "There are spells." Of course there were. "You might just be learning one of those spells today." In case that wasn't already obvious.
Originally Posted by griffin View Post
These vines were really getting out of control. Somehow, it seemed like the school never did anything about problems like this until it was too late. They were lucky that the vines weren’t something super dangerous like Devil’s Snare… at least he hoped they weren’t dangerous. Maybe it was an invasive species like those kudzu vines that had been known to “eat” entire buildings when left unchecked? He hoped the vines wouldn’t completely engulf the castle with everyone still inside. However, being suffocated to death by vines seemed pretty on brand for a thing to happen at Hogwarts so he wouldn’t keep his hopes up. Maybe he should owl his family back home to tell them how much he loved them in case the worst should happen. Whatever happened, he was going to be here to look out for his sister. What was it that they were talking about again? Oh right, art. He liked art and was very much enjoying the art-themed lessons. Thinking of art, there was one friend in particular who he enjoyed sharing his art with. A certain friend who was currently speaking about graffiti. What was that about people trying to graffiti her house? Maybe those people really hated her father. Of course Ash would be into the idea of graffiti used in acts of rebellion. He expected nothing different from his best friend who was known to be rather rebellious. ”Sometimes graffiti is just people writing random stupid things like ‘Devin was here.’ Sometimes it’s creating works of art as a means of self expression. Like Kinsay and Noah said, it can be used to make a statement. Sometimes that art and the location it was created in is meant to grab attention to raise awareness of a cause, like if people are protesting something that they want to change, or as Ash put it, a means of rebellion.”
"Very good, yes." Neva nodded. "Graffiti can be found all over and done for many reasons. Sometimes just because someone felt like making their mark, or sometimes because eyes needed to be opened to an issue that wasn't getting enough attention. No matter the reason, it's all graffiti."

-Consist of drawings, markings, or words
-Typically created with spray paint
-Found quite often in public spaces or outdoor settings (buildings, buses, fences, train cars)
-Thought of as criminal, or rebellious in nature
-Different styles (tagging, piece, stencil, 3D)
-Accessible to all
-Can be made just because or for a greater purpose
-Can be multicolored
-Maybe secret form of communication?
"Well done, everyone. This is a great list and a good starting point." Neva moved closer to the desks, looking around as she did. "Graffiti can be found all over the world, in cities like ancient Rome or right in London. It can be done out on the street by an unknown artist, or found in galleries who grow to know and love a particular artist's work. It can make artists feel seen. It can be an outlet for feelings. It can be an act of anger. And it can be an indicator that art is for everyone and should be done freely, whenever and wherever the mood strikes, though the law certainly doesn't agree with that part of it." She glanced at Miss Fox, really hoping no one tried to graffiti her house again. "It's bold and it's oftentimes eye catching and most pieces are hard to ignore."

"Let's look at Graffiti in a positive light, shall we? When given the space and the permission to create, graffiti artists can do a world of good. Can you think of some scenarios where an artist might use graffiti to make a positive impact on a neighborhood?"

OOC: Hello hello! We're moving on, friends! Can you think of some scenarios where an artist might use graffiti to make a positive impact on a neighborhood? Please try not to repeat answers, if you can! You'll have about 24 hours before class moves on!
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