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Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Jace chuckled, following Matt's gaze towards where the Exploding Snaps were kept. "I wish this Kalen fellow all the luck, then. If they are serious, then he'd have to deal with you, too." To be honest, it took a certain something to get Matt's vibe and overall energy. He may come off as a rogue sometimes, but Jace knew he meant to no harm. He hoped Matt knew that Kalen has his limits too. Again, he wouldn't want to be the cause of fights in the future. Just saying.

Honestly, was it really that unexpected? "Maybe one day, I'll get to say the exact same words you're using here..." Matt dating wasn't totally impossible. Jace was in a very long-term relationship, and he was nothing but an awkward turtle all along. All props to Mahiro, really, for putting up with him. The thought of his ex-girlfriend whom he dated for six years, made his stomach turn. "Then don't hang with Anna and Kalen when you meet this would-be-friend." Jace shrugged, turning to see another trunk that made him go all nostalgic. It was the trunk he'd been looking for. (Okay, maybe not, but how can he resist this piece?!) But before he could go and inspect it, a question was thrown his way. Jace tilted his head, wondering if it was the root of all of Matt's dating (or not dating) problem. "True, the lines are blurred between dating and hanging out, but what sets the two apart is the intention. Like I mentioned before, your intention was to make a friend. It would be a date if you start flirting around this person because that's saying you're interested." Jace nodded with a grin. And before he could continue further, they were interrupted.

Oh. Merlin. Jace's face went blank at first, then slowly broke into a smile. "Yes, of course, sir." the former Ravenclaw responded, still bewildered by the grumpy(?) shopkeeper. He looked a lot like his dad, Ryden. The lines on his face, the eyes, even the hair. But the Bostonian accent sort of ruined the image. "That was an American accent, wasn't it?" Jace leaned closer to Matt, murmuring the words in his ear.
Matt laughed again at Jace's remark that Kalen would have to deal with him too. "That's true, but people say Anna and I have the same type of energy, we just channel it differently. I think he'll be fine with the fam." He gave his friend his signature cheeky grin, which, much like his energy, he also shared with his sister.

Again, the Auror snort-laughed at his friend's remark. He wanted to note that Jace was particularly funny that day, but in all fairness, Matt knew that he was right. "Yeah, well. I'm open for it to happen, I'm just not going to push it." That never worked anyway. The former Gryffindor couldn't help but be utterly amused by Jace's wording. 'Would-be-friend'. LOL. "I've got a better pool of acquaintances and know better places to find suitable mates, methinks, my friend. For all I know, Kalen only knows uni girls. And I know I might come off a little... y'know, a specific way, but that's not exactly the kind of girl I'm looking for. Too young, see." As strange as it might sound, Matt had mentally grown and matured a LOT since becoming an Auror. Hanging out with very young adults... was more of an eye-rolling opportunity for him than anything else those days. Who would've thought, eh.

He listened to what Jace had to say about what he saw as 'dating'. He looked at the guy in silence for a few seconds. "Merlin, Jace, you manage to overthink dating!" He laughed. "I should've seen it coming. A Ravenclaw and all." Typical, lol.

It wasn't until Jace's face went blank that Matt turned to where the different voice had called out from. He waved lazily at the man and left it for Jace to reply. Turning to his friend, he snorted. "Roughhousing? We're teenagers again, are we?" He said in a lower tone not to offend the guy, though he did find the remark pretty hilarious. "Simpler times, I'd be up for it." He joked with a shrug. If that was an American accent? "Yeah, I think so." He replied to Jace in the same low tone before turned around to the shopkeeper again. "OI, MATE! ARE YOU AMERICAN?" He called out pretty loudly. He mentioned roughhousing, this was as close to it as Matt would get. Just for fun, y'know. "MY FRIEND HERE WANTS TO KNOW." Was he trying to embarrass Jace? Nahhh.

Of course he was.
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