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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
"Awkward, that's it. The perfect word to describe the kid. He's a good one, but yeah, it's kind of hilarious." Matt said, nodding his head and looking around the shop. He still intended to get the guy a set of Explosive Snap anyway. "Nah, he's not that bad, I suppose I just like giving him hard time. At the end of the day, I trust Anna's judgement." He added right before gesturing to another part of the shop where his eagle-eyes had spotted the packs of explosive cards. Taking a mental note to go there when Jace was done choosing his trunk, Matt turned back to his friend.

"They do seem super serious now, it's so strange! I never though Anna would end up with anybody. I mean, no offence to her, it's just how I saw it." Maybe because he was her eldest brother. "I always thought this serious-relationship thing was only Ollie's vibe." Turned out he was wrong about that. The Auror pulled an uncertain face when Jace started talking about seeing if Kalen had a female friend. "I dunno, mate, that sounds like a set-up date to me. I mean, hanging out with my sister, her boyfriend and a female friend of his? If this is not a picture of a double date, I don't know what is." Come oonnnn, Jace could see it, couldn't he? "Me looking for a buddy?" He repeated the other guy's words before cracking up. "Your wording amuses me to no end, mate. See where it'll take me? Something casual? Yeah, all I hear is 'date, date, date.'" With that, Matt gave Jace a funny, curious look. "What do you see as a date then, if all this doesn't mean dating to you?" Curious, he was. Truthfully.

And there was Matt laughing again. "Oh, want to stay sexy, do we?" He said in jest. And when would he get to meet Kalen? "Who knows, how busy are you? Kid seems to be nearly as busy as we are and he's just a student!" Talk about a neeeeeerd. Strange, Matt never thought that was Anna's type. How wrong was he indeed. "Anna, on the other hand, not as busy." Lol. It was a joke, okay? Well, sort of. Turned out studying to become a sports healer did keep you busier than being a pro Quidditch player after all. Or maybe it was just because of their personalities.

Yeah, that sounded more like it.
Jace chuckled, following Matt's gaze towards where the Exploding Snaps were kept. "I wish this Kalen fellow all the luck, then. If they are serious, then he'd have to deal with you, too." To be honest, it took a certain something to get Matt's vibe and overall energy. He may come off as a rogue sometimes, but Jace knew he meant to no harm. He hoped Matt knew that Kalen has his limits too. Again, he wouldn't want to be the cause of fights in the future. Just saying.

Honestly, was it really that unexpected? "Maybe one day, I'll get to say the exact same words you're using here..." Matt dating wasn't totally impossible. Jace was in a very long-term relationship, and he was nothing but an awkward turtle all along. All props to Mahiro, really, for putting up with him. The thought of his ex-girlfriend whom he dated for six years, made his stomach turn. "Then don't hang with Anna and Kalen when you meet this would-be-friend." Jace shrugged, turning to see another trunk that made him go all nostalgic. It was the trunk he'd been looking for. (Okay, maybe not, but how can he resist this piece?!) But before he could go and inspect it, a question was thrown his way. Jace tilted his head, wondering if it was the root of all of Matt's dating (or not dating) problem. "True, the lines are blurred between dating and hanging out, but what sets the two apart is the intention. Like I mentioned before, your intention was to make a friend. It would be a date if you start flirting around this person because that's saying you're interested." Jace nodded with a grin. And before he could continue further, they were interrupted.

Oh. Merlin. Jace's face went blank at first, then slowly broke into a smile. "Yes, of course, sir." the former Ravenclaw responded, still bewildered by the grumpy(?) shopkeeper. He looked a lot like his dad, Ryden. The lines on his face, the eyes, even the hair. But the Bostonian accent sort of ruined the image. "That was an American accent, wasn't it?" Jace leaned closer to Matt, murmuring the words in his ear.

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