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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
He was already used to seeing Jace bewildered - it seemed like that was a regular occurrence when Matt was around - so he almost took it as if that was Jace's resting face. Resting bewildered face. Ha, totally a Jace thing.

About his question... "Ahh, my sister's got this boyfriend now." Actually they'd been going out for what felt like quite a while now, but Matt sometimes acted as if it was spanking new news for some reason. "I want to say he's from Boston?" He pulled a genuine thinking face as he dug around his brain. "Or something. Kid sounds pretty funny. That's not the case, though, I think he needs a bit more..." What was the word? "Oomph? Excitement in his life? NOT that Anna isn't great, that's not what I'm saying at all. Bloke's lucky to have her as girlfriend, honestly, but... I dunno, he's a bit... ordinary? Quiet?" No, not quiet, what was the word???? "Dull? Anyway, I thought I'd give him a set of Exploding Snap to see if it helped. And, of course, a Weasley's Wheeze." The Auror grinned wickedly. "He doesn't know it yet, though, so shh." Wait, did Jace even know the bloke? Not important, he would probably meet him sooner than later anyway, now that he was around.

"Let me guess: for your books?" He gestured towards the trunks Jace had been looking at.
This. This was what Jace really missed. The noise, the energy, and the things that spewed out of Matt's mouth. He sure can run his mouth, but it was something that the former Ravenclaw admired, mainly because he wasn't a talker.

As Matt talked in top-speed, Jace found himself adjusting his vocabulary once more to keep up. "Oh, I didn't he's an American." that was interesting. What was more interesting was Matt trying to coax out the poor guy's personality. "Are you sure it'll work? Maybe he's just naturally...timid." Was that the word Matt was looking for? And did he just lowkey describe him, too? "I reckon you should also consider bonding activities with, bowling?" Maybe that would be more, erm...productive, if Matt wanted Anna's boyfriend to loosen up around him. "Maybe you can get yourself a girlfriend along the way as well." Jace shrugged nonchalantly as he turned his attention back to the trunk that Matt conveniently pointed out.

"...that seems to be self-replicating, yes." he knew books didn't reproduce itself, but considering Jace's speed-reading ability, it may very well be true.

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