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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Alrighty, what a day! What. A. Day. Evil had been avoided, Dark Wizards challenged, it had aaaall gone pretty smoothly for a change. Look at that! Matt even had time for a cheeky sneak around Diagon Alley before he turned in for the night.

You know what he could do with? A nice hang ou-- NO WAAAAY. Ha! Would you believe his luck! And soooooooo he sneaked behind his old time friend. "Yo." He said in a deep, ridiculous voice. "Whaddup, dude?" He added in a pathetic imitation of his sister's American boyfriend's accent. Actually, he didn't really know if it was any good since most American accents were all the pretty similar to him.

Eh well, lol.
Choices, choices, choices. Jace thought it was funny how undecided he was with a trunk. With the magic he carried, he could simply just adjust its specification according to his needs. But for practical reasons, and that Wiseacres' should make a profit out of him, he'd decided to give it a go than going through the trouble of designing his own furniture.

The man reached for a nice, clean cut magical trunk, only to be stopped by-- "Matt!" Jace's face was a bit bewildered. It wasn't like Matt, but it surely was him. He'd known this person since they were 11, so the mischief wasn't missed. "Who...are you supposed to be mimicking this time?" Jace smiled in amusement, wondering what 'trouble' Matt had in store for him.

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