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... He wasn't sure if this would be considered an acceptable reason to visit his Head of House, since really it wasn't any of his business, but Evan had been concerned that the man had seemed so melancholic at their decorating lesson. Evan wasn't sure if he had family to celebrate the holidays with or anything, as he didn't usually make it common to take notice of his Professor's personal lives, but... holidays were hard if no one was around. So with a thought that that could be a problem for his Head of House, who he really did like and respect, he'd decided to check in and bring at least a small bag of sweets as a gift.

Grabbing a form, the Ravenclaw stared at it for a moment trying to figure out exactly how to answer the questions. Clearly some were easy... but what to put for the reason for visit? He supposed honesty was best, so with that in mind he quickly scrawled his answers and placed it into the mini cabinet, along with a small bag of sherbet drops - giving a small knock - and then remained standing there while he waited to see if he could be admitted.

SPOILER!!: form
Name: Evan Nam
Year: Fourth
House: Ravenclaw
Reason for visit: Personal Question + Gift

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